Friday, May 12, 2006

An Undocumented Comment about Illegals

Perhaps more options are being offered for our security at the border, let us hope so. Our military would definitely be a good start, but we need 'more than' a sufficient fence too for keeping these illegal aliens my opinion. The AP is reporting today that the U.S. may expand fences on Mexico Border.

Oh btw, I rec'd an email/comment (below) from an organizer of the Homestead, FL illegal immigration rally on May Day , informing me they are "undocumented". Well, you are wrong, your bunch is ILLEGAL and referred to as illegal aliens or illegal immigrants because that is what you are. I am sick of hearing otherwise by the MSM and Libs calling these ILLEGALS..."immigrants" or "undocumented" workers.

[ A day without illegal immigrants? NO human being is "illegal". Undocumented is the proper term. And, no, it was not just UNDOCUMENTED immigrants. It was every open minded intelligent individual that participated in this historic event. And I would like to know who wrote "Today in Homestead, FL (south of Miami) we have our fair share of illegals taking up space in the streets and you can bet there are many criminals in the bunch.", I'm very much interested in meeting them as I'm sure he/ or she would be interested in meeting me. (I organized the student walk-out in Homestead. SURPRISE!) posted by "Your Favorite Person" ]

SURPRISE: I DID!!! And you should be grateful to America and stop demanding rights that are not yours. Student walk-out?? Well, this is going to backfire on you and all your efforts, if I have anything to say about it.
These “undocumented” immigrants have driver’s licenses , I would call that illegal documentation.

Houston Chronicle reports
Thursday's House vote allowed Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld to assign military personnel under certain circumstances to help the Homeland Security Department with border security. The vote was 252-171, and the provision was added to a larger military measure.

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