Wednesday, May 10, 2006

U.N. are Criminals, Why do we consult them?

How many times does the United Nations have to be exposed for the rest of the world to know they are criminals? Meanwhile we are consulting them.

Eric Shawn, senior correspondent, anchor for the Fox News Channel, and author of the new book U.N. Exposed appeared on Hannity & Colmes on Monday night. Eric Shawn uncovered the "Oil for Food" scandal and much, much more, now he has a new book. Excerpts from the "Editorial Reviews" from Amazon:

The U.N. Exposed will give you a rare insider's tour of the United Nations, focusing on many disturbing aspects that have been ignored by the mainstream media. You will learn, for instance:
-- how U.N.-supervised funds were diverted into weapons used against American troops
-- how terrorists and rogue states seeking nuclear weapons flout toothless U.N. resolutions
-- how our allies' selfish economic interests drive U.N.-backed challenges to America's sovereignty
--how kickbacks, bribes, and corruption have pervaded the highest echelons of the U.N.
-- how U.N. ambassadors and staff enjoy luxurious and tax-free Manhattan lifestyles and other perks
--how U.N. workers have repeatedly turned children into their sexual prey

As Shawn declares in his introduction, "I am disgusted by the fact that the altruistic efforts of so many U.N. staff members are undercut by the greed, corruption, and ineptitude of the bureaucracy they serve." U.N. Exposed

H/T: Expose the Left posted U.N. Exposed (VIDEO) and STOP the ACLU posted ACLU vs America in UN Torture Court

Jay at Stop The ACLU said:
And this is the organization that the ACLU want to hold the U.S. accountable to? The ACLU, and the U.N. are two of the most dangerous organizations in the world. They are both seeking to destroy America’s credibility and soverignty.
Rightwinged posted U.N. Raping Children Again, This Time Girls As Young As 8 In Liberia!

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