Saturday, May 13, 2006

Assorted 'End of the Week' Posts

H/T on the pic: Little Miss Chatterbox...thanks, that's cool. Below this week's posts and more.....

This past week, so many great posts have been out there along with a variety of interesting headlines... containing Current News of people on our blogrolls. Lately, I've had several things going on... so with what clicking I have done-- it has been with my mouse more so than the keyboard. For ones that are not familiar with trackbacks, you should get in on the fun. It is real easy 'now' with Haloscan and it allows you to keep in touch with ones without commenting, because the trackback does it for you if someone is blogging on the same subject(s) as you are. You should try it out….you'll really like it.
Karl at Leaning Straight Up has links to how to do this and I want to thank Barry at Palmetto Pundit for helping me awhile back...... get on track. (smiling)

Dee, Little Miss Chatterbox at Chatterbox Chronicles is such a close friend and she always has the best posts. Go by and say hello!!

Check out Gayle’s Republican Blog, Rob ABFreedom in Canada, Patrick, The WordSmith from Nantucket, and Patty; all of them have their own style but right on the mark. Rae Ann is another one, that I enjoy her blog too.

Actually there are tons of blogs that I love and with flipping through these links, I keep finding more and more....that are awesome!! You would be surprised of the blogs right there on your sidebar.
Today... Jay at Stop the ACLU has an interesting discussion going on, definitely check it out and leave your input. He truly wants your opinions - A Discussion That Conservatives Need To Have at Putting Things In Perspective.

Other conservative sites that you will love.....
Robin at Chickhawk Express
Curt and Rob at Flopping Aces
Code Red* Women for the Troops is a must!!!

For my true crime blogger friends, I haven’t vanished since the Child Safety Act passed just been trying to stay on top of Iran and Illegals lately.
Check out Lilo, Magnolia, Trench, and Home Sweet Home ....I'll get over soon to get the latest.

There are so many to link, so I will try on the weekends to feature several of you. Did not mean to leave anyone out, will try to add more as each post goes by. Meanwhile have a lovely weekend and beautiful Sunday. HAPPY MOTHER'S all you wonderful Mothers!!!

This is a post you do not want to miss - United 93 at the Cotillion - Look at the REAL FACES!! It is at Blue Star Chronicles. "It’s important for us to remember"

Btw, is anyone tired of hearing about the Duke Scandal? YES……I'm ready for the FBI to catch this Warren Jeffs....the sicko polygamist. Wondering if he is hunkered down in TX.....

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