Friday, May 12, 2006

Witnesses Remember Kennedy At the BAR

Hat Tip: Jay at Stop the ACLU that published this pic and post- Witnesses Say Patrick Kennedy Was At Bar Before Crash
Capitol police in Washington, D.C., investigating U.S. Rep. Patrick Kennedy’s early-morning car wreck have been told by witnesses that the Rhode Island congressman was at a Capitol Hill bar before the crash, the Herald has learned.
The Herald reported last week that a Hawk & Dove hostess said the 38-year-old pol is a frequent customer and was drinking in the bar before the May 4 crash. Kennedy has denied he was drinking, blaming the accident on a cocktail of prescription painkillers and sleeping pills. He has since checked into a Minnesota rehab.
A Kennedy spokeswoman declined comment.
Wonder if it was "Give me one for the road" or "I need a drink(s) to swallow these pills with" maybe it was closing time and last call for a Kennedy. (wishful thinking) Perhaps he said, "I'm headed to the HOUSE!!!"
How is Patrick going to lie himself out of this one? Rhode Island must be really proud and tolerant like the libs of their Congressman.

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