Wednesday, September 28, 2005

My Old Match.Com Ad

For a few years, I ran an ad on As it turned out, I had it turned off more than I had it on. Actually, it was overwhelming the responses I received however, it would take your own personal assistant and team of employees to decipher out a few good ones. I probably missed the man of my dreams, however I would select a few to write and end up meeting a guy here and there occasionally then I would give up on it. After a couple months or so, my ad was activated again until finally, I did not renew my last annual spring special. It turned into a job in a sense, screening out people that lied about their looks, their situations, or had too much baggage or something stupid like a Velcro Hair piece – that he just had to show me at the bar-publicly! (smiling) Usually it never went past a few emails, because I have always been so damn picky and selective. I will get to my point after my ad that has been revised with a few words once in awhile but always basically said the same. My motto was always “I would never just SETTLE”!! Note I was fortunate though, most everyone I met was a nice gentleman probably because I screened them with a microscope. For some unknown reason each, one would have something I did not like, that I called red flags! (Ding 1, Ding 2 Ding 3 your out) This was going on in my mind the whole time.

Special and Upscale being Selective!
Hi, I am a sensuous romantic that loves adventure and surprises. Being an ex-model from my twenties, I would describe myself as someone who takes pride in my appearance, intelligent, open minded and spiritual. I love being with positive, upbeat friends that enjoy laughing and having fun. Traveling is a passion, I love Europe and South America for pleasure and my former business included Italy several times a year. The others would be exploring warm places, experiencing new things outside of the rim of ordinary, and of course the pleasures of life involving water activities,
billfishing, sports (Auburn Tiger fan & SEC),tennis, fine wines, flying, gardening, and horseback riding. I am open to trying new activities that someone else may enjoy as well. I feel comfortable in jeans as well as dressing for a special event. I am independent, but not to the degree where I wish to be alone in my future without sharing precious moments with someone special. I am very selective and a bit old fashion, I believe men should be a gentleman, respectful, and adore women.

I am in search of a distinguishing, educated, professional, romantic financially secure gentleman. Self-confidence is important but he must be gentle and patient. I desire a man to move a mountain if he knows what he wants and is willing to get it. I prefer a man that is of faith a Christian or Jewish. He can relate to life to its fullest. I truly
desire to meet someone that will be the last man but the number one special man
for me. Hoping to have a LTR and possible marriage for my future with the right

It has been way over a year or so since I have had a desire to run an online ad or get out and try to meet someone. As mentioned in one of my Previous Post my last engagement I broke it off and my reasons are stated there. My heart just hasn’t been in it, being sick now more than in the past and other things in my life that has occurred. Giving up on the idea of ever meeting someone that I have dreamed or searched for as another soul mate has been disappointing, but much of it is my own fault and I have allowed many years to pass. I probably missed him lost within all the emails I never got a chance to answer, who knows? (smiling) Perhaps I had been accustom to higher standards, different lifestyles, or my expectations were set too high, I can’t answer these question because I do not know the answer to this either. Nevertheless, I am alone, not lonely, but I wish for a happy loving relationship with someone hopefully that has children that have children and it would be one great big family of joy of all ages. I have always desired men that are older or even much older for many reasons. I am ready to enjoy life and not have to start over helping raise a young family. (that energy is not there any longer unfortunately) I love children all of you know that, but I want grandchildren where I am able to spend the time spoiling instead of having the responsibility of full time. I have found also that someone older seems to respect and appreciate a woman more than someone younger in my experiences. In addition, he is reaching retirement age and we could truly enjoy things at our own pace and be free to do as we wish even to relaxing in life.

On the contrary, now I would like to meet a companion that we share some commonalities, compatible, and would be happy with more things being less complicated. Perhaps I have changed some, or matured with looking at life differently with some type of transition in me? I am going to leave this with my friends and readers, hopefully some new people that may want to join in and give me your honest opinion on advice, ideas, comments, or whatever you may want to add.

I am going to be gone for a few days, so I am leaving this to you guys to say kind things or tear me apart. (smiling) Hoping it is not the latter! But I am interested in your thoughts about myself that is getting to a point in life that I do not want to spend what precious time I have left being by myself.

When I get back maybe I can share some of the funniest dates I have had, will be scanning my brain for a few! Repeat visits with new comments are welcome. (smiling) Have a good week!

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