Sunday, September 25, 2005

Me, Mind and Heart

Memo to myself and hopefully some part of me will listen.

Mind: Stop watching the NEWS
Suzie: I have to know what is happening Live
Mind: Earlier today with my daughter watching “Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason” was fun
Suzie: That was funny and I loved laughing out loud with her
Mind: I wish I could get out of bed longer, do something outside in the sunshine, or perhaps cook dinner
Suzie: I can’t move, everything hurts
Mind: You are right, your body does not feel it can move nor have energy for anything today
Suzie: I feel uplifted I watched Joel this morning and spiritually I know I can face anything
Mind: Yes, you are the victor instead of a victim
Suzie: Now, I am reminded of the victims again
Mind: At this moment there are 100’s of stranded people in the swamp water in LA needing rescuing

Heart: I’m breaking in tiny pieces, the feelings of so many people losing everything, my family with real things happening that are not good, friends that have lost loved ones recently, people that we know are suffering with issues of their past and present, ones that have family members dying, ones that are sick, families that have necessities that are barely making it, the feelings are overwhelming. People that are secretly suffering, hungry, no home, no job, no money, lost, this list goes on.

Mind: Please do not start crying again
Mind: We should all be so thankful and appreciative of so many things in our life. Love and help everyway we can.
Suzie: I want to smile and shine who I really am, but right now it is so difficult
Mind: Try reading blogs, writing about your fun times in life, adventures, your online dating experiences, funny and embarrassing moments, call about your family, play with Bella, do anything that brings joy. Channel me to happy thoughts!
Suzie: I have no energy and I find that difficult right now
Mind: Stop writing this before you look like a baby, because the last thing you want is pity or sympathy
Suzie: Good idea
Mind: Hopefully your friends will understand and see that these disasters lasting for over 3 weeks are taking a toll on you too as well as your heart.
Suzie: I do carry burdens of people, I care, and feel their pain. I wish I could help everyone in need.

I need to go re-fuel hopefully will be back soon. Going back to my bed where I can relax and try to focus. Tomorrow will be better! Have faith, hope and believe - then all should come to past.
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