Friday, September 23, 2005

Port Arthur, TX

Port Arthur is 90 miles east of Houston in Southeast Texas. The Golden Triangle is adjacent to the Louisiana border, and New Orleans is about 250 miles to the east.
Port Arthur Chamber of Commerce

Port Arthur is located on a coastal plain where elevations range from sea level to 9 feet. The area features both marsh and forest, and timber, water, oil, natural gas and sulfur are among its natural resources.

Total Population:
Port Arthur 55,755
Jefferson County 252,051

Excerpts from City of Port Arthur

Port Arthur has celebrated more than 100 years as a Gulf Coast city, but its timeline is only a fraction of the greater history of the region's inhabitants. The shores of Sabine Lake have been occupied more than 1,500 years; American Indians, primarily the Atakapas, were the earliest known settlers. The late 1700s brought the first visits from Europeans -- English, Spanish and French. Most were explorers who did not stay, but in the 1800s, the lake became an avenue for trade. Among the traders was Jean Laffite, and legends of hidden treasure have lingered in Southeast Texas.The earliest attempt at permanently settling the area was the community of Aurora, located in what is now historic Port Arthur. Some lots were sold around 1840, but the project failed to take off. The area was abandoned by the time Port Arthur was established.

Celebrities from Port Arthur
A number of Port Arthurans have left their impact on the country in the arts, sports, politics and business. Easily the best-recognized internationally is rock legend Janis Joplin, but other names of note include artist Robert Rauschhenberg, Texas Gov. Allen Shivers, Olympic athlete Babe Zaharias, football coach Jimmy Johnson, football player Joe Washington, Jr., "Gone With the Wind" actress Evelyn Keyes and businessman Mack H. Hannah, Jr. These and many others are honored in the Museum of the Gulf Coast.

BTW – They have great crawfish boils and old fashion parties cajun family, friends and strangers all welcome. Once I stopped there for a huge shin-dig party on my way to Austin, TX for an Auburn Tiger football game against the Longhorns, it was very entertaining and fun.
Update: Error I meant for the party at Lake Charles, LA (sorry)
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