Monday, September 19, 2005

Month of Movies Free

Hi to all! As you, people know I am a News Junkie; however, I do enjoy watching movies too. As previously mentioned in a few of my recent posts I stated how we all have a life! (LOL) Well to be honest here not much of one, (smiling) however Netflix is offering my family and friends a free month trial.

I signed up with them in June and received two free weeks, and they honored that plan. It is wonderful, they have all the same movies as Blockbuster to select from online and you select all the movies you want with adding them in a Queue. One click away to selecting new releases, classics, etc. (with extended info on each one) to have them delivered to your front door the next day. No Joke! Save fuel, time, parking and no more standing in line, etc. This service is awesome if you have internet and enjoy watching movies. They email you with alerts of your movie being shipped, received and the same day an email that your next one is on the way. Sweet Deal! No, I do not work for Netflix, but my family has surely enjoyed this service and I recommend it highly. They are offering me to give family and friends a FREE MONTH, if you are interested I have to email you from their promotion letter that is in my inbox and this offer ends September 28. I meant to post this info before now but I am procrastinator, as ones probably know by now. (smiling)

Over 50,000 movies – Includes New Releases, Classics, Netflix top 100, etc. etc.
Free and Fast Delivery (NEXT DAY for me-they have shipping centers throughout the country for this reason)
No Late Fees – Keep your DVD as long as you want
Pre-paid Envelopes for return, then they send you the next movie (same day they receive your last one)

The plan I selected was 1 at-a-time (unlimited) and it is set up with my Visa or bank for deduction with taxes included total amount is $10.59 a month. Depending how many you watch in a month, the more savings occurs plus even if you get 4 + it is still cheaper than Blockbuster, anyway you look at it. I remember one month we got about 8 movies, we watched them and returned them the next day by dropping it in the mailbox. Lo and behold the following day a new movie. All that we have received were selected by each one of us together as a family and your list can be altered to move a movie up or down in the list or queue. Month-to-month subscription cancelable at anytime!

If you are interested then let me know- also I have many of your email addresses if you state yes (just comment-without stating private info) and for others that are - send me your email address for me to submit it. I do not think I benefit from this, it is just an offer for others because I have already taken their special when I signed up. If you have this plan already and want to comment good or bad, all is welcome.
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