Thursday, September 08, 2005

So-Called -The Blame Game

Gov. Kathleen Blanco's Bureaucrats Blocked Food and Water

The Red Cross was reportedly ready to deliver food, water and other supplies to flood-ravaged refugees (hate that word- Survivors or Victims instead - my own excerpt here) who were sweltering inside New Orleans' Superdome last week - but the relief was blocked by bureaucrats who worked for Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco.
Fox News Channel's Major Garrett reported Wednesday that the Red Cross had "trucks with water, food, hygiene equipment, all sorts of things ready to go ... to the Superdome and Convention Center."
But the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security, Garrett said, "told them they could not go."
"The Red Cross tells me that Louisiana's Department of Homeland Security said, 'Look, we do not want to create a magnet for more people to come to the Superdome or Convention Center, we want to get them out,'" he explained.
"So at the same time local officials were screaming where is the food, where is the water, the Red Cross was standing by ready [and] the Louisiana Department of Homeland Security said you can't go."

Source: and all over the internet.

P.S. In my opinion: Our President did not BLOW Hurricane Katrina out of his mouth, so get your facts together this terrible historic disaster is not his fault. Are we suppose to believe this disaster was caused by one single human being? Get real! Perhaps I am getting back to my old self...or at least eventually will hopefully! If you are well read on current events, watch news sources, getting factual info from many reliable places - you will discover the truth as it is proven. GET INFORMED PEOPLE know your facts, if you are busy with life and not paying close attention or listening to a few people's opinions and/or rumors, hello????? Know your facts if you are going to sound off DO IT intelligently.
Update: Comments interesting - Don't Hold Back - Bring it on - (smiling)
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