Friday, September 02, 2005

A Message to an ANONYMOUS Coward!

Excuse my language to all readers - that may be offended, I am deeply sorry. This morning I have learned one of my dearest friends have been victimized by a sick bastard and as a result had to turn off their blog and our place of enjoyment as well as personal info updates on their family's crisis at this time.

A home or meeting place to so many of us everyday to share laughs, happiness, smiles and joy. Now this blog home is turned off...An Asshole posted anonymous comments in different places as a coward to hurt a person, their family and livelyhood in the process.

We are all dealing with the ugliness of a small percentage of evil people in the streets of N.O. doing the unbelivable and witnessing life for vicims in which we would never ever think we would see on Live TV in our own country. We should be praying, donating and helping these people, but unfortunately we are reminded there are many evil people too lurking right here in this blogging world as well, not to mention everywhere on earth.

Before the end of the day or within 24 hours I TOO am considering turning my blog off. Screw this crap and hatred. I take this very personal - someone inflicting more grief brought on by 'jealous screwed up people' that have no good reason for hurting someone that has been so good to so many in our escape world of blogging.

Please to all people that I have offended by my nasty language....I am deeply sorry, but this is how I feel at this time and I can express on my own damn blog exactly what I want to. You are too much of a coward to tell us who you are, but before the day is out I am sure and other sources can track you down. I am furious by this! All comments have been saved and hidden due to transferring to Haloscan 22 comments

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