Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday's Buzz

Well, here I sit with very little energy but thought I would give a few updates. Firstly, I miss visiting all my favorite friends and I know some really great posts. Hopefully soon I can sit long enough to read and catch up. Just when I thought my strength was getting a second wind, I had to go outside my palace today for important business that required my presence. The traffic was crazy, the scenery was beautiful as always, but it was extra steamy like unbearably hot. My sweet daughter drove me around; we listened to Bill O’Reily talk radio show on radicals while we had to go several places around Fort Lauderdale. Lo and Behold, wouldn’t you know it, (wishing I would have drove my BMW) her A/C decided to go on and off during high noon. That meant windows down and then up again constantly. I thought I was going to faint. Finally after arriving home to 68 degree, I stripped as fast as possible, down to what I love to wear – one of my long flowing gowns like a 1950’s movie. The only thing I was missing was my heels with fluffy little feathers. Still had my make-up on, so I looked half-way ready for a good looking man! Needless to say, I went straight to the sofa and passed out.

Just a bit ago, woke up to news of Tropical Storm Katrina in the Bahamas just 50 miles away. I guess that means storing the outside furniture, putting the plants up and wheeling off the grill, etc. just case of high winds, we know it is going to rain at least 12 inches. (just a few inches would be great..humm:-)) They have cancelled school for all the children, I bet they are happy. Just hoping that our Weather Man is wrong about us possibly losing power with this minimum storm that may produce 40-50 mph winds, tomorrow we should know more. My waking moments are filled with ideas to write about, and I have a ton of experiences to share, opinions to fill up a blog, and a million subjects, topics and questions to ask but no energy here to do anything but lay down! So exciting huh? It sucks honestly, but it was nice today even though it was hotter than hell outside to get out for my third time this month. Only had a few panics (smiling) and that was on I-95. Hopefully soon I will buy another new computer but this time a laptop so I can snuggle in bed with it, been checking out some Dell’s, the only ones I will own.
Meanwhile, if you wish, please tell me your topics of your latest posts.
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