Thursday, August 11, 2005

Wanted: In Our Backyard Today!

Search for a Rapist on the Run
In our neighboring cities like in the backyard. (YIKES) My son earlier was in that area working, but since then off to check on his other crews in different places. National News 'FNC Live' - Broward County here in South Florida! Several schools (5) are on lockdown right at this moment and he could be anywhere right now! Everyone that lives down here are closer than that map shows - for ones not familar with our area! This is one of the reasons I watch the news continuously! Does anyone else like to be informed on current events or breaking news???OR is it just a few of US?

UPDATE: Just minutes ago THEY CAUGHT the rapist/kidnapper after a long 8 hour search. (5 p.m.) His picture was captured on the bus video moments before his crime, so that helped the police tremendously. Found in Mirmar near an apartment building! THANK GOD he is now off the streets!

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