Friday, August 05, 2005

Magazine Madness

Am I the only one?? Always loved magazines and subscribed to them. Which ones do you enjoy, receive and if so what in the world do you do with them? Wishing I would take them to nursing homes, doctor’s offices or suggestions that you guys may have! I have a bad habit of letting them accumulate and add up in a pile here and there. I keep thinking I will finish reading it, cut out an article, save a recipe, re-read a fascinating story, look at more of the pictures and dream etc. I could continue with the excuses. I get numerous magazines, absolutely crazy because most times if I want current stories, the internet is at my finger tips, receive email newsletters, and the cable news is on most all the time in the background. What is up with this obsession with magazines? My list consist of Architectural Digest, Vogue, Forbes, Southern Accents, Elle, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure, Money, House Beautiful, Time, Newsweek, Enjoying Everyday Life, Italian Vogue, Lucky, and several more. Embarrassed to keep listing them, because I should not have so many magazines to read that I never get around to all of them, I keep thinking that I will miss something or there is an article that I want to cut out and paste it in my yearly journal I have been receiving from American Express for 15 years. My son gets so aggravated with me and my daughter for our need to hold on to these magazines and for some I reason I understand his frustration. There are many questions in this post. Is it a man thing about discarding everything? What magazines do you subscribed to? What do you do with the ones you have? Am I nuts? (already know the answer to that) I do love my madness about Magazines and always have. Please share your selections or anything you may want to answer or add. P.S. Have a great weekend!

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