Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Embarrassing Moments

Once I read on a blog, what was one of your most embarrassing moments? Well, since I have had so many my mind went blank. Wish I could remember which of my friends posted about it. Today at Anna Land, my memory was jogged about one of the many times flying to Italy. My daughter and I were in first class but were unable to sit next to each other; however I had this nice looking well dressed man in the seat beside me. Whoa I was turned on by that and hoping for conversation some time on our flight. We were in row one and all settled in for a long journey from Miami to Paris, about 8 hours going over, it is longer coming back because of the tail wind or whatever. Anyway, we were treated like royalty….champagne, caviar, drinks unlimited, our own DVD player, movies to select from, and the best was the recliner chair that went all the way back like a bed. Well, we spoke a few times small talk and he ruffled through paperwork and I did the same knowing I would be getting off the plane eventually in Venice, IT and would go straight from the airport to work.
We never introduced our self the majority of trip but later that happened. Meanwhile backing up, after several drinks and a full belly along with my pills for sleeping…I passed out. First embarrassment was waking up after drooling!! ( My face is turning red thinking about it) Hopefully no sounds came from my body while sleeping Lord knows I do not want to know that info ever. As we were getting close to Paris for a layover, we started chatting. It seems we were both in the fashion industry. I was listening but still being an idiot and embarrassed did not hear actually what he said. I caught the part where he designed for Celine, well that must have been all I heard and the brain shut down after that. Well to shorten this story, my daughter and I had to get on a shuttle bus in Paris to go to another terminal and we sat by him and his friend, as I introduced my daughter to him I super embarrassed myself then again, because it turned out his name was Michael Kors….the famous fashion designer, but he did design for other designers as well before he became so well known under his own brand (for the longest time My daughter had the biggest crush on him thereafter) What an idiot I was. I learned that day, listen closely with a clear mind and keep your mouth shut if you only have stupid things to say. I think I still need to learn that lesson. Tell me if you wish of embarrassing stories, because I would love to hear about them.
P.S. Vote if you want, love to be able to get off the bottom floor!! (smiling)

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