Monday, August 01, 2005

The Village

Not sure - but I believe I am the only one in this Village from Boca Raton? Correct me if I am wrong please. FYI, I live within a Christian and Jewish community. I respect and love all my neighbors. The best way to describe me is VERY SPIRITUAL and High Spirited versus being of any particular Religion, more like Non-Denominational. Do not wish to sound Preachy here, but once I say this or vent in other words I will feel better, and hopefully be back to my old self with a sense of humor. Smiling and Posting as usual, but for almost a week this burden almost created havoc on me. My well being is what it is all about, to me anyway, so I had to get re- spiritually tuned. For the record, I do not belong to Southern Baptist Sexy Singles nor do I attend the Church of Boca Raton but for ones interested though go to Continuing the record, I have NEVER SIGNED IN as ANONYMOUS, so if you see my name I said it. Just in case, some one wonders. Google ads or not, it does not matter, because it hit home.
Many decades ago, yes I am guilty of dabbling on the dark side and ashamed of it now, after something extremely bad happened to me no need for more details. I do not want any part of Ouija boards, Tarot cards, Bad Witchcraft, Symbols or Voodoo i.e. to do with opening a quack for Satan to enter, once that happens he has a stronghold. Hold on, because happiness and love will be lost in the long run.
Sorry for the one that said “My feet sizzle and burn when I tred on hallowed ground”
Coming from generations of psychics, I use my powers for good. I could quote scripture how those powers were stripped from King Saul by ignoring his own ability to use his own, but instead later used wizards, witches, or sorcery. Your brain is the most sensuous part of your body and you have all abilities within to do all things without outside sources.
Everyone has the RIGHT living in our great country the USA to worship or believe as they wish; I have no problem with that. But I will not be a participant in that type of giggling of Christians, Prayers or anything in reference to My Heavenly Father. If I offend anyone or lose readers because of this post, I am deeply sorry but this had to be expressed and it is my Blog. Actually I pray for non-believers and people that are lost. Hell is real and is eternity, your worst fears that you can never even imagine from insects, snakes to torture for ever more.
If you do not wish to comment that is fine too, but don’t be an ass and do it anonymous, anything that is stated evil, I have the power to delete. Now with this said, I now have a smile on my face and happy again. Joy, Love and Peace to all! AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!! P.S. I was partially wrong on a comment, Noah lived to be 950 yrs old total but after the flood he lived 350 more years. Cursing, lying, over eating, addictions…you name it... is a sin, and we all do it, not one of us are perfect and never will be. I just ask forgiveness for it. HOPEFULLY this will be the LAST of this TYPE OF POSTING on this particular blog of mine.
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