Wednesday, August 10, 2005

On the LOOKOUT!!

WANTED: Dead or Live: Fugitives on the Run!
NATIONWIDE SEARCH! Terror started in Tennesse!
Take a good look and hopefully they will be found very quickly. Extremely dangerous and Do not approach call 911 instead. So far 20 to 30 leads an hour are coming in, but no solid leads yet on where these two criminals are. For the full story click here: UPDATED INFO They could be any where. Experts say they could still be in the area held up in someone’s home (what a scary thought – Home Invasion), a safe house pre-arranged, or moving across country. Where I live we pay close attention to criminals, apparently out of the prior 5 times George Hyatte has escaped once he came to Florida. This posting is mainly for ones that do not watch news regularly and to allow ones that view my blog to get a good look at these people.

My eerie theory is if Jennifer Hyatte shaved her head and dressed in baggy clothes, they would probably blend in better with her maybe looking like another man and that thought I have not heard as a possibility. You would think a white injured woman with a very short black man, it would be noticeable especially with all the news coverage, but after 24 hours they still have not located them. The law officials believe that this couple knows life is over for them, so at this point they have nothing to lose. Another thought was they could hold up a doctor’s office for medical attention. Chances are this couple will have no problem with killing again. Why do you think people do things like this??... especially ones that have planned it out ahead of time fully knowing they will get caught eventually or even die at the time of capture? This is so beyond what I can comprehend on why someone would commit terrible crimes and kill an innocent person deliberately.
Does anyone have an opinion???... or a thought on why?? P.S. ANY THEORIES from ANYONE..... On what you think these idiots will do or where they would hide if they had a BRAIN????? A guess or theory!!!! perhaps from anyone!
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