Sunday, August 14, 2005

News this Week

My views on topics this week on the news, since last Sunday I started this hopefully I will be able to continue with something that someone will find to comment on in a civil manner and/or an intelligent debate.
August Reuters says Aug. is always a slow month for media reporting and that may be the reason for the extra coverage of in Crawford, TX. Washington, Congress and many others are on vacation much of our government is not in session, actually every year in Italy everyone have the whole month of August off as holiday. People flock to the beaches and do not return to work until September 1st. Dog Days of summer, best bet is stay cool as possible. NFL pre-games have started and we are pulling for the Miami Dolphins. My favorite is college football – SEC and a die hard Auburn Tiger Fan!
Gas Prices – Oil prices settled at a record high this week near $67. Prices now 46% higher than a year ago! Will it reach $5.00 a gallon at the pump soon? This rise will affect us all the way to the food on our tables, from truckers to our power bills. It has been that way for years in Europe, actually most people walk, use scooters and small vehicles for traveling. I read once that is why Italians are not heavy people with all the pasta and wine they drink, they take walks after dinner. I did as the Romans did every time I was there.What are you paying? views or predictions?
Cyprus Airlines- A Boeing 737 crashes north of Athens, Greece! No survivors all 121 passengers died, moments before a passenger text messaged "Farewell, cousin, here we're frozen," Sotiris Voutas said. There were 48 children on board! Very sad and extremely tragic! Both black boxes have been recovered.
Lung Cancer – Not uncommon for non-smokers! We learned this week that Christopher Reeve’s widow Dana has lung cancer and has never smoked a cigarette. This cancer is one of the most deadly – 163,000 people will die this year from this disease. Non-smokers are within 10-15% fall victim, with it being more women than men. The experts say there are many reasons for this: Rayon, Estrogen, Second-hand smoke/pollution, genetics.
Iraq – Constitution Deadline (1st draft) within hours away! The AP says the deadline may have to be extended. It is 120 degrees in many cities there. Senator John McCain says we need more troops there and we must stay in Iraq. There were 30 bodies found in shallow graves south of Baghdad today that included some women.
Gaza – Why this pullout? Israeli and Palestinian troops took up positions Sunday to launch Israel’s historic withdrawal from the Gaza Strip? I pray for the 9,000 settlers! Today the 14th is the sadest holiday for the Jewish people! Why is the government doing this? Will someone explain to me?
Eye on Atta – Mohamed Atta (9/11 highjacker) Information was withheld from the FBI more than a year before 9/11 and The 9/11 Report did not include it. Do you think President Clinton was aware of this information that the CIA knew that we had a dangerous terrorist cells living among us. Many of the 9/11 high-jackers/terrorists lived down the street from us here on the beach in South Florida, eating, drinking and going to our flight schools. That information could have been very useful or perhaps stopped what happened on Sept. 11, 2001.
Interesting Info
Teacher Sex Scandal – Thursday in TN, Pamela Rogers Turner, 28, pleads no contest to having sex multiple times with one of her students, a 13 yr. old boy and has been sentenced to nine months in jail. Shocking!! What about if Pamela would have been a man?? any thoughts?
Moms in the News:
Aruba – Beth Holloway Twitty confronts one of the Kalpoe brothers at the internet café. She is doing just as I would except by now I would have probably strangled one of the boys to find out where my daughter was. Most likely I would be in their jail or prison system. There is no where I would not go or do to find my daughter if she was missing. What would you do if you were in this situation? any comment?
Crawford- Cindy Sheehan lost her precious son who was killed in Iraq in 2004. Casey, her son was killed in April and soon after she met with President Bush and was quoted to have been happy with the president’s attitude as he offered her condolences. The White House put out an accounting of all the meetings that Bush has had with families of the war dead -- 900 relatives of 272 people who have died in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sheehan met the president in June 2004. Unfortunately now she has been swallowed by the Political far left radicals’ eight groups so far including Michael Moore, Move, Code Pink and others. I feel for Cindy Sheehan she is being used now to promote and be a poster Mom for other groups causes. What do you think her chances are now for another meeting with our President? Bush has acknowledged her in his last two statements. All of our hearts break for her losing her son, but there are many other moms and soldiers that do not feel that the blame should be on one person. Should Cindy stay? Do you think the President should meet her again? Will he open the door for repeat visits with Family Members on a regular basis? What can he do other than listen and offer his condolences again? Any answers? Click this link for more info
Power Line
Howard DeanI love what you say, please keep it up! You’re the best thing for the Democratic Party. Keep your mouth running! (lol) As DNC Chairman he truly loves to say all the right things, does he not?
Rolling Stones – Now all the pressure is on the NFL, which inked a huge season-long deal with the Stones to promote the league and "Monday Night Football." I have always loved the Stones, but with this new song "Sweet Neo Con" it makes me feel differently about what I would enjoy listening to watching my favorite sport. Our football in this country is all American; would it not make sense to have a band from the U.S. with non-controversial lyrics? Have you heard the lyrics?? Do you know how many times the NFL has claimed being stupid and not knowing beforehand?

Remember Superbowl, commercial with a desperate housewife? They claim they did not know before inking!
Hillary Clinton and Jeanine Pirro have set their sights on New York's U.S. Senate seat in 2006. Should be an interesting race, we all know Hillary has been leaning to the middle for now learning from our last election and for almost a year I have been listening to Jeanine and her views on many different issues. Humm it makes you wonder why Hillary drop 15% in the polls last week perhaps because New Yorkers know she is running for President but wants the Senate until the presidential campaign starts. What do you think should Hillary want her icying before going for the cake?
I am open for opinions, pick a topic, or all of them I don't care as long as you are civil that is all that matters. Overall I will be surprised if many debate these issues or my views, but I hope you do. I definitely have more Democrats as friends in Blogville than I do in person and btw I respect and enjoy each one of you.

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