Friday, August 12, 2005

No Bond! Death or Life?

In regards to my prior post On The Look Out this week, many good comments and updates are in that section. Jennifer Hyatte appeared live this a.m. in front of the judge where her attorney objected to the extradition to TN. Tennessee will have to get a warrant to Ohio Gov. Bob Taft, who is out of the country. This may delay extradition for up to 90 days. These two prior fugitives do not want to return to TN obviously. Bond was denied, charges include 1st degree Murder and she will face her fate for killing Wayne “Cotton” Morgan, shot in the stomach. Life in prison, life without parole, or execution-Death by one of two means; electrocution or lethal injection? Punishment in the U.S. This is her first offense, been declared a good mother of three children by her ex-husband, but the fact is she murdered an innocent correctional officer. What are your views, if you dare answer on what you believe her punishment should be?
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