Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Soldier Links N Blogs

There are two requests I ask today of my readers, friends and anyone that has information with links to our soldiers in the Middle East. We need more link addresses for our soldiers and a special request if you have an extra minute in your day to drop them a note.
Today Bipolar Princess has a post featuring one of our soldiers John in Iraq you will also find him on my sidebar under Favorite Blogs. If anyone has more links please add them in the comment section that would be very much appreciated. We need to remember our soldiers both men and women of all ages, races and religion that are fighting for us all. Perhaps we can take a moment and drop them a line and hopefully continue to visit them in the future. I feel we are all united in Honoring or Supporting our Troops!
Michael Yon is a new one that I have added to my bookmark but not yet read or commented on. His blog and one other one including military families, veterans, soldiers, etc. Military Blogs These two sites I have just recently learned about but plan on visting very shortly. Wishing everyone a great day and being thankful we have one.

My family hearts are breaking today for Israel, not sure how many people I will be visiting today.
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