Monday, August 29, 2005

LA, MS, N AL-Katrina

This period is very emotional and sentimental to me! As I am giving my TV undivided attention memories are flooding back to me overwhelmingly. As a child, I experienced Hurricane Betsy’s effects was too young to remember though, but my most vivid picture in my mind was of Hurricane Camille when I was (removed ) yrs old living on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. My Dad and I went outside (with a three-sided protection walls in a garage) to watch the Eye of Camille. I will never forget that night and aftermath for the rest of my life. The thought that we spoke of for years was the hurricane party they had that night that everyone died as the surge of water swept them away. Dead bodies, boats, and the destruction of property was everywhere.
As I listen to Shepard on FNC in the French Quarter it hits deep in my heart as well as them reporting from my hometown of Pleasure Island including Gulf Shores, Orange Beach, AL Point, Fort Morgan, etc on the beach shores of Alabama. Actually all the little cities they are naming I am familiar with each one from Louisiana to Pensacola, FL.
Since I was old enough to walk, we participated every year in Mardi Gras and I had a second home in the French Quarter along with one of my life-long friends that live in G.S. The historical balcony apartment is located at 624 Saint Peter’s St. (French Quarter adjoining Bourbon Street) If you know of the “The Gumbo Shop” (across the street) and Pat O’Brien’s then you know where I am referring to. The entrance to the apartment was on the side of the old building they called the area Pirate’s Alley. We had a key to open the double gated door to go up three flights of stairs to get to the overlooking view that was breath taking for an experience of freedom and access to everything in the French Quarter. For years I spent time in this small apartment as my getaway, especially with the French doors open to the slanted balcony that was designed that way for water to run off and to listen to the street sounds as I sit or hung off the rod iron to look, throw beads, or converse with the walking pedestrians below on the sidewalk.I can't seem to find this morning my picture of this building. I did email (friend) to ask if he would send it, but I am sure he is hunkered down in Gulf Shores right now and perhaps with no power for his home or successful business on the beach. For some reason I can't find it right now on the internet either. They have made several movies from this balcony and it is on many postcards, unfortunately on this new computer and in my home all that is in boxes. Right now my main concern is for my family, relatives, friends and all the people in these three states, my computer passion will have to wait until this storm passes before I can think of sitting longer than this in front of it. Take care to all and I will see you one day, for now as I have been for two days in bed taking naps and being up most of the night watching the coverage of this devastation of Katrina. May God be with them all!

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