Friday, August 26, 2005

Survived Katrina

Thank you guys for checking on me, all is fine here. A few limbs and leaves everywhere, but no lightning nor much rain, when the storm turned downward suddenly we were saved from the worst of it. Where we are located we did get high winds from the front of the EYE, but then the quick turn of the hurricane dumped most of the rain and damage south of us in Miami-Dade. The power went off a couple times but only for a few minutes. I took Patsy’s advice and had a drink, ended up falling asleep on the sofa. It was fun to watch until dark, before then though it was like the Wizard of OZ with things flying outside. Can not report on when I went into dream land early, because the roof could come off and I would not know it.
So now the sun is shining, then periodically it will rain and then go cloudy every hour this morning so far, it has been like that. I guess all the people here for the VMA’s or MTV awards will get back to partying. My life lately has been one crisis after another, now my ex of 20 years is in Florida and we will be civil with all going out later to eat. Then I will return and probably be a good girl and take my meds an extra dose and go to sleep early. (smiling) Will fill you in if any more disasters happen in the next 24 hours! (LOL) Now Katrina is headed to my hometown, it hits us and then goes to them. I’m afraid She will be around for a bit longer.
Does anyone have fun plans for the weekend?? Would love to hear what is going on with you guys, since it has been so difficult to get around lately with all this mess going on here for me to visit. So Sorry!! Thanks again to all of you from my heart.

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