Thursday, September 08, 2005

Donations Needed

I am posting an email of one of the places we are donating and if anyone else is interested - links and information are listed below. You may be familar with Lakewood Church they are located in Houston, TX and our family are supporters of this ministry and Samaritan's Purse - Franklin Graham - Billy Graham's Son.

Lakewood Church - Joel Osteen
Dear Friend:
The effects of Hurricane Katrina are far reaching, and for tens of thousands there seems to be little hope. In an effort to bring life and hope to the suffering, Lakewood Church is partnering with the City of Houston and Houston area churches to help provide 3 hot meals daily to the evacuees streaming into Houston area shelters. Will you partner with me to help make this happen?
Lakewood Church is also partnering with Feed The Children to help distribute desperately needed water, food and supplies to those still in need in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Trucks are already on the way, and your donation to Feed The Children will help meet the unbelievable need created by this catastrophic event. Your gift will make a tremendous difference. Please help us feed these hurting children and families by giving now.
God bless you for your generous support in this time of need!
Joel Osteen

Samaritan's Purse -
President Franklin Graham (Billy Graham's Son)

If you are unable to donate money or volunteer to ANY organization, I ask PLEASE to pray for all the victims and their families. Thank you for taking time to read this post. If any one wishes to add places and/or links to other donation sites all are welcome along with any comments you may have.
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