Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Dream File 10 Years Old

This seems a bit inappropriate with all that is happening in our world, but trying to channel my emotions away from unhappy thoughts and sights that are so hard to bear, so today I will share something that only a few people in my life has ever read. I wrote this close to ten years ago, not much has changed but I composed what I truly wanted and felt at that time. I needed to search within to know exactly what I wanted in a companion/husband/soul-mate/ or whatever it is now that I seek as I am now older. I have kept this file all these years and now I want to express it. I always told myself that I would never SETTLE for less. Nowadays as we get older, do we bend or compromise our dreams and wishes?

My Dreams and Wishes
I wish and dream for a Special Man that lightens up my life i.e. mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically and intellectually. A man that I can trust impeccably, love unconditionally, cherish, admire, adore, and respect. He must shine with beauty inside and out, be trustworthy, secure, communicative, compatible, understanding, compassionate, Romantic, and Positive towards all aspects of life.
I desire a man that is willing to put forth efforts to combine his love with my love to create a bond of one. That we become each other's best friend, our favorite lovers, and desire to always be lifetime partners forever. We strive towards having a content and happy home, sharing dreams, and willing to be there for each other through times good or bad.
I would want My Love to be as excited as I would for us to be together after being apart through our daily life. Us having our standards for ourselves....and it not necessarily having to be what others expect it to be, it being what we create for us and we are open minded for understanding for each others concerns. I would want my Love to always support well as me defend him for differences of opinion for outside our love...and us privately discuss our own feelings about such issues.
I dream for My Love to be active, competitive, a winner, a leader, respected among his peers...very personable and well liked. I would hope he enjoyed most activities that I like; I am willing to try his favorites with great optimism and open mind to enjoy equally. I would look forward to something new that he could show me or us learn together from ones desire to try. Loving outdoors...being physical....from riding bikes, to afternoon walks, to swimming, or participating in sports or watching special events live. For being at home to share a project, or creating a garden...loving landscapes, watching nature from a thunderstorm to a falling star and achieving life in living things. Us enjoying indoors reading, cooking together, being able to just relax with a movie...or taking a nap with each other. Us loving music, animals, the less fortunate, and fellow man & our neighbors.
A great importance to sharing our private love together. I want My Love to desire equally the need to be intimate...and loving. He must enjoy receiving as much as giving love to the ultimate levels of satisfaction for a healthy love between us. Wanting to touch, cuddle, kiss passionately, love hugging....and being affectionate. In heart and soul.
We both are believers in God and the ten commandments of life. I would want us both to pray and have great faith.
I desire a friendly, stable secure home life...that is comfortable and efficient. I would want it included with a swimming pool; I have always had access or my own. I love the water, so that would be important to me. for having that part of my daily life. A yard for the living beautiful things that helps create a home. We would enjoy our children...their friends, our families, guest, and business associates for entertaining.
Financially....we would be understanding and aware of the importance’s of the value of money, saving, and planning for the long term. We would know how to conserve in some areas, and how to extend with pleasures occasionally. We would share in decisions concerning our planning for our financial future.
My love and I must enjoy being different and independent at times. We enjoy informal as well as formal events. He must be adventurous and love exploring the discovered or discovering the unexplored between us. A man that loves to travel and makes dates with me for movies, dinners and special events.
An importance for a lifetime, would be that we are for sure without a doubt that our interest are compatible to a degree that we desire without reservations that we can spend the rest of our life together. My dream is for one man only....forever...and I would strive to always bring happiness into our everlasting relationship indefinitely.
So the question is do we compromise or bend our wishes and dreams as we get older?
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