Tuesday, September 20, 2005

What Sam and I Share

Tonight I read a very touching heartfelt post that hit directly home with me from a very special new friend, Sam about something her and I know and endure way too well. We share something that so very few people neither understand nor know much about, even though for over 2 decades some Rheumatologist have been educated and diagnosis ones with it. Only in the last 5-7 yrs it has been acknowledged more and brought to the forefront of being a disability. Now many recognize the name but really do not understand the symptoms. Sam said I inspired her and thanked me that was so very sweet and I am touched beyond words. Honestly though nowadays I do not feel that I have neither strength nor energy to do much for anyone I so much appreciate it though because I know it came from her heart. What she also said made me feel not so alone. I treasure those moments of feeling good, as I know she does too, if you know what we mean, those days are far and in between.

Today was one of those days she beautifully articulated in words that I would never be able to express as she did from her soul when life is not so good. I recommend if you are interested please go and click the above link and comment on what courage it took for her to open up and share with her friends about something very personal. I have suffered with this for over 10 years and now they call mine Secondary since a car accident in 1997. Sam did not add several more symptoms probably because they are too many to list. Some as simple as dry eyes but to another extreme of severities include arthritis that can get debilitating, lupus, as well as fatigue to where days you can not get up to do one single thing along with the chronic pain all over your body. As she also stated, you can have a good day with seeming normal that is what unknowledgeable people seem to get confused or disbelieving about. They sometimes perceive it as laziness and not real, they are so wrong. It took years to educate my family and dear friends about this, and now they seem to understand more. If you type the word in Google you will receive 4,160,000 + websites. Fibromyalgia has no cure.

I confessed too of a few of my private personal battles in a previous post lately but at other times here and there, bits and pieces. I have not yet commented on her site, but I have read her beautifully written thoughts, feelings and challenges, as I understand it completely.

Sam, I will be there to comment on your honesty and compassion as well as thanking you for informing others what it is truly like to have FMS. I just hope for the ones that do go there will try to understand especially if you know someone that suffers with this, that you may feel differently and try to understand with a more open mind. People like us that suffer with this truly do appreciate it.
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