Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My Un-Planned Night Out

Following the Make-OVER at the Beauty Salon (prior post)

After a quick thought and a spontaneous decision, I went to work with my daughter tonight. She works part-time at a microbrewery restaurant and bar. The tips are great and the hours are few, so that allows her more time for college and other things. I did not have any moments to change from my casual clothes from earlier, already had my Dolce & Gabbana jeans on with a nice mid sleeve cotton Liz top, some medium heels and a moment to touch up on my make-up before 5 p.m. Thank Goodness I had some energy today and they are treasured.

After arriving two men sat at the oblong round bar, so I glanced at the one that would probably chat and I would enjoy conversing with so I took the chair with one between us, he turned out to be quite a character and charming too. Just my luck though, he starts talking politics, and for Pete Sake he seems to be a far leftie OMG! My first encounter in a long time where I had no pauses to interrupt but having to bite my tongue and smile at the same time, however he kept telling me “just let him finish and I could voice my opinions”. I did not get many in, how unusual for me as I drank a couple drinks and listened with invisible eyes rolling also trying to memorize point after point I could debate, finally the memory gave up. (BTW, it never did happen, as I would have wished but what the hell) I was having fun anyway! After a couple of hours, we seemed like old friends regardless of his opinions I should say. He had a super positive confident personality that did not take offense that I felt differently on many things he was spouting and not all was factual either. We were able to laugh and he seemed quite smitten by me and had been giving me compliments about my intelligences, looks, My Hair etc.!! (KOOL on the hair) By then I was feeling fairly relaxed, okay with my surroundings and enjoying his company. It helped knowing from others that work there that he frequently came in for drinks once or twice a week, a regular and local. As we continued to talk, he apparently was very influential and prominent in the community or I should say in our country. (The Heinz’s best friend)

Dinner entered the conversation by him, and I had planned on that already along with having a few drinks returning home and going back to pick up my daughter when she got off. He suggested us go to another restaurant for a Lebanese dinner with a finer wine selection, but I protested the fact it would have to be somewhere jeans would be appropriate. Since everyone that worked there seemed to know him, they gave the nod that I would be safe. So, I said “Sure why not”! I had my best sense of humor tonight that I had thought I lost, but it was sharper than my razor.

I never felt scared at all, actually just the opposite. After having difficulties finding my reading glasses, I said just order for me whatever you wish for me to taste. Note: I love everything so I knew that whatever he was ordering in Arabic (I think) that I would totally enjoy. He ordered a good year of Fr. Chateau Grand Plantes – I think - without me being able to see well. (Flash in my brain BOYCOTT oh well-again) Bordeaux was my favorite forever! The meals were outstanding; he ordered a variety of many different dishes and fed me as well from stuffed grape leaves, chicken, steak, (names I cannot remember right now that are their specialties in appetizers). In between courses, we had Arabic coffees served to his special instructions as well as each dish to having a special desert. (can’t remember the name of that either, but it was good and I am not a sweet eater) I could not have asked for a nicer gentleman to have dinner with! We had a little walk outside the restaurant, it reminded me of all my times in Italy as a ritual and then we returned to where my daughter works about 10:30. He was very interested in getting to know me and wanting to contact me for future plans, I finally gave in to my number but stated do not call me until October. (smiling) Also with a p.s. Please leave a message and it may take leaving a couple but I will call you back eventually, I’m just not good with phones. (smiling) He seemed to be okay with that, I guess. We will see!
Overall, I am glad that I had my hair done, pushed myself out the door, had an urge to go out and rediscovered my old dry sense of humor. I hope that for a while I can start posting things of interest instead of my down feelings of the world on my shoulders. I did have a good time and am happy I went tonight even though it is in the wee hours now and this will show tomorrow’s date. Any comments?? Or suggestions should I say?

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