Monday, September 26, 2005

A Make-over Day

So far I have been having a very good day, perhaps my inspirational time yesterday helped. (smiling) Called this a.m. to get a hair appt lo and behold an instant yes came faster than I was ready for. So with some panic and then excitement, I was able to get dressed and looked nice btw (for a change out of my gown) then volunteered to drive myself instead of my daughter always taking me as usual. It was scary like always getting outside the door, but with keys in hand, I knew I did not have to go very far.

Louis, my favorite Italian gorgeous compassionate personable sweetest person in the world type of friend that does my hair, he welcomed me with open arms. He pampered me with love as well as treating me like a queen. I love him for that like always!! I got highlights, fresh color and a new Do!! He suggested I go out tonight on the town, he said the men will be drooling; he is such a good fibber! (LOL) So I am thinking seriously about it..hummm!! Perhaps a couple of drinks would do me good outside the house…..who knows what trouble I could find out alone? I going to try to bring back my sense of humor and climb back on my horse as Lady Godiva. Ride Caption Ride!!

Hopefully I will have a good update later, thanks friends for hanging in here with me on my downer days lately, I am working on it is all I can say besides I love you guys!! (smiling)

UPDATE: On the Hair Deal!
My hair is an extreme change for me, never have I had it above my shoulders. Over the last few years, little by little it has made it to just below there. Hey Sister, do not get alarmed it is not near the ears (smiling) but it is shorter than ever in my life. My family knows it has always been long and to my waist for most of my life. For ones that have seen my picture knows that my true color is jet black, I learned from one of my best friends (beautician from home) that with age you need to light it up some for a younger look in conjunction with your skin tone. For some reason early gray has been hereditary from my Mom, so at 35 I started for the first time having to get my hair colored, before that no chemicals. Since moving to FL, always wanted it just a bit lighter every time I visited the salon, well highlights and the color started getting lighter and lighter. No it is not blonde, but it is has a mixture of light browns and dark blonde tints to best describe it. Feeling a little weird, caused a bit of insecurity but been assured that it looks great by ones I trust. Louis told me the cut is between a Palm Beach look with Kirsten (spiderman3) cut recently in a People magazine ‘whoever’ with a longer version.
Okay the juicy stuff is on its way for my night of adventure! Never would have imagined what was in store for me!! (smiling)
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