Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Iranian Prez Challenges Bush and Security Council

Is Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad saying "I double Dare you"?

Via Reuters: TEHRAN (Reuters) - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad voiced defiance on Tuesday as a deadline neared for Iran to halt work the West fears is a step toward building nuclear bombs, and challenged President Bush to a televised debate.

"Peaceful nuclear energy is the right of the Iranian nation. The Iranian nation has chosen that based upon international regulations, it wants to use it and no one can stop it," he told a news conference.

Via Breitbart AP: Officials: Iran Still Enriching Uranium
Iran has persisted in enriching uranium despite the threat of U.N. sanctions and a looming deadline to freeze such operations, U.N. and European officials said Wednesday.

The officials said Iran had continued to enrich uranium until at least Tuesday.

Its ongoing enrichment could act as a trigger for the U.N. Security Council, which had set Thursday as the final day for Tehran to freeze such activity.

The officials, speaking on condition of anonymity because the information was confidential, said Iran had also snubbed overtures from world powers for a new meeting on its nuclear program.

Iranian defiance on enrichment will be detailed in a report from the International Atomic Energy Agency due Thursday.

THIS MADMAN AHMADINEJAD HAS NUCLEAR WEAPONS, FOLKS!!! Wake-UP....follow the past links......He is beyond STAGE 5 ........ click here - Are Some Desensitized by Iran's Head and War Games?

Since Pres Mahmoud Ahmadinejah took office, he has banned the Iranian people repeatedly for minor offenses and have been cracking down. The list of banned items and new laws are endless.
United Press International reports today: Iran cracks down on women's dress
an excerpt: "The person could end up in jail depending on their relationship with the authorities," he said. "Generally, the imposition of strict Islamic codes has been increasing under Ahmadinejad."
Just as women in recent years had pushed the boundaries by wearing head scarves that revealed more than they hid, many Iranians had flouted the law banning them from owning satellite dishes, the report said. The government has been cracking down on them as well.

Iran officials have been smashing satellite dishes, jailed bloggers, hanging people left and right and months ago I reported on Iran banning cds, liquor, etc.....we are seeing a Taliban situation rapidly developing in Iran. Check in on Regime Change Iran- A Daily Briefing....for the latest and Flap's Blog has a perfect cartoon of what ones were saying 20 years ago. Flap's Blog just updated with Iran Watch: Former Iranian President Mohammed Khatemi To Meet With Former President Jimmy Carter . Good Grief!!!

You have to give madman - President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad credit for being clever...wishing to have an uncensored debate with Pres. he can continue to divide the nation and to play with the minds of the Democrats and their solutions to problems...just keep zapping...and play nice. Maybe the Libs next idea will be for all of us to EMBRACE ISLAM...
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More on CNN's So Called Technical Difficulties

I find it strange that CNN seems to continue to have these so-called technical difficulties as stated in their explanation. Yesterday, for ones that watch CNN, Kyra Phillip's microphone was left on, off camera while airing President Bush's speech in New Orleans.

Yackety-yack, Tinkle -Tinkle, she ran her mouth along with her bladder.... during a potty break while gossiping about her sister-in-law being a control freak instead of viewers hearing what President Bush had to say. Later, CNN issued an apology but would not comment if anyone would be disciplined.

Reuters: CNN sorry for Bush speech gaffe
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - CNN apologized Tuesday after an open mike transmitted an anchor's bathroom conversation with another woman live over the network as it was carrying President Bush's speech in New Orleans.

"Live From" anchor Kyra Phillips had apparently left the set around 12:48 p.m. EDT Tuesday for a bathroom break while the news channel carried Bush's speech marking the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Phillips' wireless microphone was turned on and picked up about a minute and a half of a muffled conversation she had with an unidentified woman where she apparently talked about her husband, laughed and talked about her brother.

"I've got to be protective of him," she said without being aware that the mic was on. "He's married, three kids, and his wife is just a control freak." CNN anchor Daryn Kagan broke into the telecast immediately afterward updating viewers on what Bush had been saying.

"CNN experienced audio difficulties during the president's speech today in New Orleans," the CNN statement read. "We apologize to our viewers and the president for the disruption."

CNN apologized to the White House on Tuesday afternoon. It wasn't clear whether it was a technical or human malfunction, and CNN, citing corporate policy, said it wouldn't comment on whether anyone would be disciplined. It seemed unlikely that anyone would.

CNN hasn't been immune to technical problems, particularly during political events. In November, a gaffe during a live speech by Vice President Dick Cheney showed an intermittent "X" on the screen. CNN apologized and fired a telephone operator who told a caller who complained that the network was exercising "free speech."

And in July 2004, viewers heard Democratic National Convention producer Don Mischer swear over an open microphone when balloons didn't immediately drop after a speech by Sen. John Kerry, the party's presidential nominee.

But some in the TV business said Tuesday that CNN should have had a system of checks and balances in place to make sure anchor's mikes are off when they're not on the air.

"It's a cardinal rule," one executive said.

Via Wikipedia: (UNDER Mishaps) On August 29th, 2006, during a CNN broadcast of George W. Bush's speech on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (2005), Kyra's microphone was inadvertently left on while she was apparently in the bathroom. Portions of a personal conversation, including offering advice on men and criticizing her sister-in-law, were broadcast live for over a minute and a half. Phillips later apologized for the on-air gaffe.

NewsBusters (h/t pic) and Hot Air have more info and the video.

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Katrina:The Finger Pointing Politicians and CNN's Potty Break aired During Pres. Bush's Speech 11/23/05 CNN Caught on Audio Tape (Listen)

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Thanks Barry at The Royal Flush for highlighting this post.

Blue Star Chronicles linked with Life Lessons by Kyra Phillips
excerpt: CNN anchor Kyra Phillips gives a tutorial in how to destroy your career, lose friends, embarass yourself, irritate the President of the United States and alienate family members in 2 minutes or less.

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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

REMINDER: On the Record FNC Exclusive Interview with Centanni and Wiig

Don't forget...tonight at 10:00 p.m. (est) on Fox News Channel.... "On the Record" Greta has an exclusive interview with Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig and their horrifying experience being held hostage in Gaza.
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Katrina:The Finger Pointing Politicians and CNN's Potty Break aired During Pres. Bush's Speech

*UPDATE* 8/29/06.... With SNAFU from CNN and Kyra Phillips going to the potty with the Mic on during President Bush's speech today in N.O. ( read below with link to video)

8/28/06 -For the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, rest assured that all the big mouth Liberal Politicians have their flight plans in order. Don't think for a moment, that they will not pass on this chance for camera coverage to blame President Bush for "blowing out of his own mouth" a hurricane named Katrina.

8/29/06 -It seems the Mississippi Gulf Coast has a Master Plan for rebuilding and what is up with New Orleans? Don't you think money has been wasted and the Dems can't find where much of the money has gone to? People forget way before Katrina, the government gave money for the levees to be upgraded, but the corrupt politicians used that money for casinos and boosting tourism.

I admire President Bush for taking responsibility for the federal level, but if you look and research back the blame started with the Governor and the mayor. Don't forget either.... all the school buses sitting under water and Max Mayfield calling Gov Blanco several times pleading with her to do something.

*UPDATED* Tues 8/29/06
NEW ORLEANS — Residents around New Orleans were remembering the anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall with rituals of mourning and celebrations of life — and of course, jazz.
One year after one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, bells tolled in the shattered city, marking the moment when New Orleans' levees buckled and unleashed a torrent of water that ripped homes from their foundations and sent half the city into an exile. Via Fox News

Today when I listened to Martha MacCallum, on Fox News Live interview the vile mouth Senator Mary L Landrieu(D-La.) Democrat blood boiled. This is two days in a row, she compares Louisiana as different than Mississippi. Martha was overloaded with emails of outrage.

Hot Air has a Video of CNN's Phillips chat in loo during Bush Speech. Potty break mic snafu: Someone at CNN left Kyra Phillips' mic open and on the air during Pres. Bush's speech Byran wrote....So instead of getting the president’s remarks, CNN’s audience got that and Phillips in some girl-chat. NewsBusters: Oops! CNN Airs Anchor's Girltalk Over Bush Speech

Via Wikipedia: (UNDER Mishaps) On August 29th, 2006, during a CNN broadcast of George W. Bush's speech on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (2005), Kyra's microphone was inadvertently left on while she was apparently in the bathroom. Portions of a personal conversation, including offering advice on men and criticizing her sister-in-law, were broadcast live for over a minute and a half. Phillips later apologized for the on-air gaffe.

*UPDATE* Reuters: CNN SORRY....(yeah I bet they are...hahaha)
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - CNN apologized Tuesday after an open mike transmitted an anchor's bathroom conversation with another woman live over the network as it was carrying President Bush's speech in New Orleans. [read more]
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Ernesto Not As Bad as Earlier Predicted

It started getting very cloudy about mid afternoon with our first big gust of wind...It is raining now...but we are all stocked up and hoping the electricity stays on. All is doing fine here. This storm seems to be moving quickly and so far the experts are predicting the east side of this blob... which is usually the worst quad...may not be as bad as earlier predicted. Great News....

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Polygamist Warren Jeffs Finally Arrested in Las Vegas

Finally, Polygamist Warren Steed Jeffs, 50, a leader of a cult polygamous sect, arrested outside Las Vegas, NV late Monday night. Hopefully now, many of his victims will feel safe enough to come forward with their testimony. It breaks my heart to know that these children and many of the women have been forced to live this lifestyle for this long.

Via Fox News: Fugitive Polygamist Sect Leader Arrested in Las Vegas
LAS VEGAS — The charismatic leader of a polygamous sect was captured during a traffic stop three months after being put on the FBI's Most Wanted List and faces charges he arranged marriages between underage girls and older men.

Warren Steed Jeffs, 50, was arrested without incident just outside Las Vegas late Monday after more than a year on the run, the FBI said. No weapons were found, but the 2007 red Cadillac Escalade he was riding in was filled with items including three wigs, 15 cell phones and tens of thousands of dollars in cash and gift cards, authorities said.

Jeffs has led the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints since 2002 and is said to have at least 40 wives and nearly 60 children. Church dissidents say that underage marriages — some involving girls as young as 13 — escalated into the hundreds under his leadership, and that he broke apart families by casting out married men and reassigning their women and children to others.

John E. Lewis, special agent in charge of the FBI Phoenix division said...... Items inside the vehicle included $54,000 (euro42,160) in cash, gift cards totaling $10,000 (euro7,800), the cell phones and wigs, four laptop computers, a GPS device, a police scanner, and numerous unopened envelopes that were thought to contain more cash.

Two other people were traveling with Jeffs - wife Naomi Jeffs and a brother, Isaac Steed Jeffs, both 32. They were later released.

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Are Some Desensitized by Iran's Head and War Games?

**UPDATED** From Yesterday....
Iran is not only playing Head games, they are actually conducting War Games and have been since Aug 19th. That is not all that Ahmadinejah has in store for the nations that do not embrace Islam.

A year ago, the world would be outraged and extremely concerned, now it seems to be downplayed. What is going on? Is it that people are listening and seeing Iran showing their muscles and they feel immune to it affecting America and/or Israel? Everyday it seems, we hear of Iran's President making threats and now for about a month they have been carrying out military exercises. Are some people desensitized or just blowing it off as a non-issue to our security perhaps due to the everyday coverage on the news? Are some just writing off Ahmadinejad as a nut case or a madman that we can negotiate with? He only hopes so, in order to give him more and more time for his timing of unleaching nuclear bombs and Islamic killers-followers positioned throughout the world.

N.Korea was ignored when they tested missiles on the July 4th, was it because Kim Jong Il's long-range missile was a dud? Iran was in attendance during the launches, what makes ones think that Iran does not have nuclear weapons?
Feb 3, 2004 Daily Telegraph of London, England Headline:Confession by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb: “I’ve Sold Nuclear Secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea”
Abdul Qadeer Khan first began to transfer designs, drawings, and components for gas centrifuges to Iran between 1989 and 1991. There is clear evidence that Iran has been seeking to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years.
August 5, 2003 The Jerusalem Post bannered headline bluntly stated: IRAN CAN PRODUCE NUCLEAR BOMB by 2005.
During the Clinton Administration they were very skeptical of the Israeli intelligence reports. Later Israeli intelligence gave photographic proof to the U.S. Intel comm.

A defector from Iran’s secretive nuclear establishment in Paris on July 13, 2005 conducted an interview with Iran Focus. It was discussed the SIX-STEP PROCEDURE for Making a Nuclear BOMB (enriching the uranium). It is stated that Iran is IN STAGE 5 around June 27, 2005. Iran is soon to be home free, last step for the bomb can take 12 to 18 months. Do the math.....It angers me to hear some interviewed on the news say "oh, Iran is 5-10 yrs from the bomb" Wake-Up America!! Israel supports sources (Apr 05) that Iran is in stage 5 and can have a bomb ready in twelve to eighteen months. That would make Iran's nuclear weapons ready by Apr 2006 unless international diplomacy prevails. Guess What? April 11, 2006 I posted on Iran "Home Free" on Nukes - Breaking News! reported by the AP.

The scientists that worked for Dr. A.Q. Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who is now under house arrest in Pakistan after confessing he had provided both Iran and North Korea with details of how to make their own nuclear bombs. (an excerpt from Worldnetdaily)

Yesterday. 8/27/06 AP reports: Iran Test-Fires Sub-To-Surface Missile
Excerpt: Iran routinely has held war games over the past two decades to improve its combat readiness and to test equipment including missiles, tanks and armored personnel carriers.

BTW: U.N. Kofi Annan's travel plans include visiting Iran this week.

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Charges DROPPED against John Mark Karr

Oh how I wished the DNA would have matched this freaky pedo....We can only hope that Sonoma County, Calif. will impose a prison sentence on this dangerous sicko from 'misdemeanor child pornography charges' from 2001 and lock him behind bars. Personally, I'm glad that the D.A. Mary Lacy snatched up Karr in Thialand....She may have saved many little girls from being molested or even worse killed.. Deep inside, I feel this pedo is a danger to society and he will only get more determined.
If ones listened to his confessions, tapes, and read his prior would have to believe that there was reason to look closer at this sick individual as a possible suspect. No one can still account from his whereabouts from Dec 23-Jan 4 in 1996.

Karr was about to start a teaching job in Thailand, and in his correspondence began to describe an interest in several girls "in much the same terms that he had described his interest in JonBenet," Lacy said in court papers.

Via Breitbart AP: Prosecutor Defends Choice to Pursue Karr: The district attorney who dropped charges against the man arrested in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case said Tuesday that there have been calls for her to be "tarred and feathered" and "run out of town," but she said the evidence wasn't there to convict John Mark Karr
Karr confessed and described the 6-year-old girl's death in detail, but the prosecutors faced a major hurdle because so much physical evidence has been made public, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy said. Authorities also couldn't confirm that Karr was in Boulder at the time of the slaying.

More Via AP: Prosecutors Drop Case in Ramsey Slaying
Via ABC News: Karr Crash: True Obsession, False Confession


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Monday, August 28, 2006

ERNESTO Headed Our Way here in South FL

The gas lines are already long for ones that have not yet topped off their gas tanks. We still need to pick up a few items such as bread, etc., but we stay stocked up for hurricanes with all the important things needed if we lose power. Unless the electricity goes off, I will be blogging as usual. We never leave, just prepare and hunker down when the time comes. Most people that live in South Florida know the drill and have the hurricane list of things to do.

At the moment ERNESTO's path is directed toward the east side of south FL including Monroe County for the Keys and right here in the tri-county areas -- Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties.

Seriously, I'm more concerned about my earlier post today, involving Iran.

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Sunday, August 27, 2006


BREAKING: 5:30 a.m. est. Both Steve Centanni and Olaf Wigg, Fox News Journalists are RELEASED!!!!! They are now at the Beach Hotel in Gaza City. AWESOME, AWESOME NEWS......Thank GOD they are safe and free again.

More information prior to their release is in my previous post at 3:40 a.m. Sunday morning.

Shepard Smith said that Fox News has been on standby for the last 48 hours with hopes of their release. Ken Centanni, Steve's brother is on the telephone line now, he had just talked with Steve and that he is happy and was glad to get out of there. Fox News has been playing the video of moments after Steve and Olaf's release....

Of course Fox and the families state Steve and Olaf were guests, but as we all know they were held against their will.

**UPDATE** Steve Centanni describes his abduction on the phone with Shepard Smith. Brit Hume called in to speak with Shep early this morning.

Via Fox News: Captors Release Two FOX News Journalists Kidnapped in Gaza Aug. 14
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — Two FOX News journalists were released by their kidnappers Sunday, nearly two weeks after they were taken hostage in the Gaza Strip.
The freeing of FOX correspondent Steve Centanni, 60, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, ends the longest-running drama involving foreign hostages in Gaza.
Centanni said he was "emotional" shortly after being released.
"I must, first off, thank everybody for their support," he said. "But I'm fine. I'm just so happy to be free."
Centanni said that he was blindfolded when he was kidnapped. The captors turned them over to "a guy." They were both handcuffed with plastic ties behind their backs.
They were then taken by car to a place where they heard a garage door slam, Centanni said. He later found out it was a garage.
"We were pushed down onto the dirt-covered concrete floor and we were forced to life face down with our handcuffs on," Centanni said.
"Olaf was in the same room with me. Our shoulders were wrenched back, very painful."
Centanni said he was so emotional because he was out and alive.
"There were times when I thought 'I'm dead,' and I'm not," Centanni said. "I'm fine. I'm so very happy."
Centanni's brother, Ken, spoke to FOX News directly after the news was released.
"It's just a tremendous amount of relief, overwhelming relief," Ken Centanni said.[read more]

Earlier this a.m. on my previous post, both men were FORCED by GUNPOINT to Convert to Islam.

More info at jpost and Sky News.
Several Videos have been released since Steve and Olaf were freed. Right now...a Press Conference is beginning.
**UPDATE** They are safely out of Gaza now and in Jerusalem, Israel.

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BREAKING NOW: New Tape of Fox News Journalists Forced to Covert to Islam

UPDATE: BREAKING: 5:30 a.m. est. Both Fox News Journalists Steve Centanni and Olaf Wigg are safe and have been RELEASED!!! Oh THANK GOD!!! They are both in a hotel in Gaza City at this moment.

BREAKING NOW: It is 3:40 a.m. est time, early Sunday morning, Aug 27th.... A New Video Tape is being release by the Holy Jihad Brigades, the captors of Fox News Journalists, not yet aired in its entirety on Fox News. The partial video clips show each man separate, obviously under distress.....being forced to convert to Islam. Both Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig read messages in references to Abu Ghraib and it is being reported of them.... pleading to President Bush and PM Tony Blair to embrace Islam....Both men are in Muslim attire and reading from the Koran. We all know they are doing whatever it takes to stay alive.

H/T picture:
Shepard Smith has come in to report from N.Y. with Amy Kellogg in Jerusalem.
Both Shep and Amy referred to the earlier report of Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said Saturday that he hoped the case of two kidnapped FOX News journalists would be resolved "in the coming hours." However, we all hope and pray that Steve and Olaf will be released soon.

Via AP Aug 27 3:45 AM US/Eastern: Hamas: Fox Journalists Soon Be Free Soon
Two Fox News journalists kidnapped in Gaza two weeks ago are expected to be released later Sunday, a senior Palestinian official said, as the kidnappers released a new video of the hostages.
Via Reuters: Kidnapped Fox journalists convert to Islam on video
Excerpt: They were shown separately sitting cross-legged, reading a statement which Fox said was an announcement that they had converted to Islam. At times in the video they were wearing long Muslim robes.
Wiig called on leaders of the West to stop "hiding behind the 'I don't negotiate with terrorists' myth". He then read some words in Arabic.
"The issue of the two kidnapped journalists is on the way to being resolved," Seyam told Reuters. "Efforts are under way with several parties to secure their release within the coming hours."

More to come.....This is very disturbing.

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Assorted Headlines and O/T

Why would Israel encourage Muslim (enemy) nations to join peace-keepers?
Israel Encouraging Muslim Countries to Send Peacekeepers to Lebanon in Brussels, Belgium

Yes, a hurricane is on the way named Ernesto.
Tropical Storm Strengthens in Caribbean

Which show do you think will win? "24" or "Grey's Anatomy".....I love both, but my Vote is "24". '24,' 'Grey's Anatomy' Among Top Emmy Nominees

Are the liberals at ABC freaking about the "Last Days on Earth"? a special 2-hour edition of 20/20, Wednesday, Aug. 30, at 9 p.m. Joel Rosenberg post about ABC PREPARING PRIME TIME SPECIAL, "ARE WE LIVING IN THE LAST DAYS?

North Korea may conduct Nuclear Test, why would you not think Iran does not have nuclear weapons?
Report: North Korea Won't Rule Out Nuclear Test

We must continue to pray for the release of Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig being held in Gaza.

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Miami's "Liberty City 7" Terrorist Tapes

This week our local television station CBS4, in Miami, has been airing the uncover surveillance videos of the "Liberty City 7" homegrown terrorist. However, it took a court order from a Federal Judge to rule in favor of CBS4 to obtain the government evidence.

The "Liberty City 7" as they are now referred to, was allegedly plotting to blow up several buildings and structures, including the Chicago Sear Tower, Miami Federal Courthouse, and Miami FBI offices.
If anyone has or have had doubts about the determination and will of this group, watch the videos. I viewed and listened with my own eyes and ears, for myself, and they are down-right chilling.

The material shown on television and on the internet was provided by prosecutors to thre defense as part of the discovery process. It includes hundreds of hours of CDs and DVDs, which CBS4 has been examining for the material which was broadcast.
Miami Terror Suspect Heard Making Plans On Tape via
CBS4 Offers First Extensive Look At Undercover Video

7 Men Charged With Plotting In Miami To Blow Up Buildings
Batiste Talks About Sears Tower And Empire State Building
Brian Andrews Reporting.....

The home videos made by the suspects shows them taping the exterior of the courthouse, security cameras concentrating on the entrances and it is obvious they were staking out the building for one of their attacks.

You can hear for yourself, the alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste meeting several times with who he thought was an Al-Qaeda leader, which thank God, it was a federal informant.

(CBS4 News) MIAMI CBS4 News has obtained a copy of the tape that might be the key for prosecutors to convince a federal court that the 'Liberty City 7' did have plans to blow up skyscrapers such as the Sears Tower in Chicago.
Attorneys for the alleged ringleader tried to file an injunction to stop CBS4 News from airing the video, but the application was denied late Wednesday night.
Members of the alleged terrorism cell which has become known as the Liberty City 7 had no idea undercover agents had wired the meeting room in a Liberty City warehouse, with cameras inside, outside, and observing the parking lot.
It is bad enough knowing we have illegal criminal aliens roaming around in our country along with Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda sleeper cells, but we must also keep in mind of these Islamic nuts or converts in Islam, as homegrowns, that decide they want to join in on killing Americans. Just because this group of what some may call, terrorist wannabees, are as dangerous as the ones that enter our country to inflict death to us infidels.

I submitted this post to Real Clear Politics...if you wish to VOTE, please click here.

**UPDATE** Via Drudge Video Discloses Alleged Plot To Target Sears Tower
Federal Judge Denies Request To Ban Video
Video Library: Sears Tower Plot Suspects
Video Library on the tapes at the bottom of the article and Videos are at CBS4 Miami.

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Friday, August 25, 2006

Iran's Data Comm Affairs Surfing Blogs and Info on EU in Brussels

This is not the first time that the Islamic Republic of Iran has visited my site, however this viewing, the Iran's Data Communication Affairs was interested in two posts; Iran and the Islamic Calendar of August 22 2006 and snagging the photo of the statue from the new E.U. Council of Ministers Office in Brussels.

In June of this year, this is an except from that post.
Click here Excerpt from - The Vacant Seat Number 666 in the European Parliament
The prophetic significance of the European Union has been revealed as the saga unfolds. [See our two articles on "The Conspiracy behind the European Union".] First, the sign which it chose as its symbol was the Woman riding the Beast. This comes from a prophecy in Revelation 17. The depiction of the harlot woman was reproduced on the centenary stamp of the European Union, in a huge painting in the Parliament's new building in Brussels, and by a huge sculpture outside the new E.U. Council of Ministers Office in Brussels. The new European coinage, the Euro, bears the same insignia. The Tower of Babel has been used on the posters emanating from Europe – a truly suggestive prophetic sign.

Now, a massive Crystal Palace tower (officially called the Tower Building) houses the Fifth Parliament of Europe.
Picture Caption (above) E.U.Sculpture: The image of the "Woman Riding The Beast" also appears on a huge painting in the European Parliament building, and is a huge sculpture outside the European Union Council of Ministers Office, both located in Brussels, Belgium.

Which is worst the United Nations or the European Union? Today Russia rejects sanctions against Iran. Is this a surprise to anyone?? UN chief Kofi Annan arrives in Brussels. It really does not take a rocket scientist to connect the dots.

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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

U.N. is Warned by Syrian President Assah

You do not have to warn the U.N., just call up Kofi. Why is no one reporting on U.N. Sec. General -Kofi Annans' traveling plans to Syria and Iran?

Via Fox News: Syria Rejects International Force Along Lebanon Border
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Syria's President Bashar Assad was quoted in a TV interview as saying Wednesday that he would consider the deployment of international troops along the Lebanon-Syria border a "hostile" move toward his country.

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U.S. NW Airplane Diverted and 12 Passengers Arrested

Information is breaking out of Amsterdam after U.S. Northwest Airlines plane was diverted.

Via Reuters: US plane turned back to Amsterdam
AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - Two Dutch fighter planes accompanied a U.S. Northwest Airlines plane bound for Mumbai back to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Wednesday, officials said.

Via AP: Dutch F-16s Escort Plane Back to Airport
Dutch F-16s escorted a Northwest Airlines flight bound for India back to Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport on Wednesday, and authorities detained several passengers for questioning, an airport spokeswoman said.

Via Reuters: Dutch arrest 12 on US plane bound for India

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Al-Jazeera Breaks Word on Kidnapped Fox Employees

Breaking Now......9:15 a.m. Announced on Fox News. More to come....

Via Fox News: Report: Palestinian Group Claims Kidnapping of Journalists
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip — A previously unheard of Palestinian group, the Holy Jihad Brigades, claimed responsibility Wednesday for kidnapping a FOX News cameraman and correspondent, Al-Jazeera reported.

The Palestinian news agency Ramattan said the group set a 72-hour deadline to swap them for Palestinian prisoners.

American correspondent Steve Centanni, 60, and cameraman Olaf Wiig, 36, of New Zealand were kidnapped Aug. 14 from their TV van near the Palestinian security services headquarters in Gaza City.

Although Palestinian militant groups have often seized foreigners, including members of the media, this is the longest any have been held.

**UPDATE** Jennifer Griffin is reporting that Fox News is waiting on tape to be released on Al-Jazeera.
**UPDATE** Video Tape released by Al-Jazeera and played on Fox News.
**UPDATE** Mary Katharine Ham at has more links on this breaking story.
**UPDATE** Via Fox News Transcripts : Olaf Wiig's Video Statement and Steve Centanni.
Via Fox News: TRANSCRIPT: Kidnappers' Statement
U.S. ATTY Gen. Gonzales makes a statement.....
Hot Air has a VIDEO posted and Gateway Pundit reports with more links.
**UPDATE** Deadline set for abducted Fox men

From the moment this news was released, I was fearful that this may be a propganda video for this unknown group of Allah lovin'nuts, Holy Jihad Brigades to get word to Al-Qaeda or some form of recongnition as another radical Muslim group. We must continue to pray for their safe release very soon and no harm will come to them.

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8/17/06 More on Steve Centanni and Olaf Wiig Kidnapped in Gaza
8/14/06 Two Fox News Employees KIDNAPPED in GAZA
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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Charlie Crist for Florida Governor 2006

For Charlie Crist for Florida Governor.... website please click here.

Charlie Crist for Florida Governor 2006
My time in public service has been dedicated to fighting for you. I am running for Governor to carry on the outstanding legacy of Florida’s finest chief executive, Governor Jeb Bush. Florida needs to continue following consistent conservative principles so that all residents may share in the hope, safety and opportunity that makes ours such a great state.[read more]

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No ALLAH riding on a Horse Today

Ah Shucks, No flying ALLAH in the sky today on August 22...I've been waiting all day for this spectacular event. Wait!!! Wait!! We have a few more hours left on this calendar date.

Monday, August 21, 2006

Where is Cindy?

Cartoon by Robert Ariail, The State, South Carolina
Between Cynthia Mckinney and Cindy Sheehan...the bosom buddies....It is difficult to determine which one is more ridiculous.

Thousands Seeking Info on Aug 22 Significance

Thousands are searching for information on Iran and the significance of August 22. I don't think there is anything I can post that will be of more interest until Wed, unless Breaking News of something occurring trumps this overwhelming search phenomena.

This started for me posting early in the month, Iran and August 22 Significance and then yesterday.... with Iran and the Islamic Calendar of August 22 2006. Wow 1000's desperately search..... Are people fearful or perhaps just seeking more information? Below are more links and views on this date that Iran and Islamic extremists are obsessed with.
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Thanks Blogs for Condi for linking Assorted Babble.
More Links:
Andrew Sullivan: The Daily Dish: August 22: Tuesday, Not Doomsday. (Excerpt)
Israel-based DEBKAfile gets more specific. Their sources have reportedly found that “information rated ‘highly credible’ has reached US undercover agencies of a secret report presented to Iran’s supreme ruler Ali Khamenei by Abdollah Shabhazi, one of the heads of the Supreme National Security Council. He claims to expose a mega-terror plot against Jerusalem scheduled for August 22, which aims at killing large numbers of Jews, Arabs and Christians.”

Via DEBKAfile: August 22 - Iran’s Military Exercise and Apocalyptic Plans for Israel and World (Excerpt)
Washington is keeping a sharp weather eye out for Tuesday, August 22, which this year corresponds in the Islamic calendar to the date on which many Sunni Muslims commemorate the night flight of the prophet Muhammad on his winged horse Buraq to “the farthest mosque”, which is traditionally identified with Jerusalem. [read more]

Read Joel C. Rosenberg's blog for more information.

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Will Iran share Nukes and Use EMP?

On Mexican Border Evidence of Iran - The chief law enforcement officers of several Texas counties along the southern U.S. border warn that Arabic-speaking individuals are learning Spanish and integrating into Mexican culture before paying smugglers to sneak them into the United States.The Texas Sheriffs' Border Coalition believes those individuals are likely terrorists and that drug cartels and some members of the Mexican military are helping them get across the border.
Sheriff Sigifredo Gonzalez of Zapata County, Texas told Cybercast News Service that Iranian currency, military badges in Arabic, jackets and other clothing are among the items that have been discovered along the banks of the Rio Grande River.

Tailrank links here with Sheriffs Say Terrorists Entering US from Mexico
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Iran Says NO AGAIN to the World

This is not the first time Iran has said NO to the U.N. and the international community. Who truly believes that talking with Iran is going to change their mind much less resolutions or sanctions by the U.N.? I think that is ludicrous!!! Well, Kofi Annan is suppose to visit Iran today, I guess if Iran sparks up tomorrow with some form of surprise, the two conspirators will be together. From my research, I whole-heartedly believe Iran has nuclear weapons the same as with North Korea. Note: U.N. Chief Kofi is expected to travel to Syria as well.

Via AP: Iran says it won't stop nuclear program
TEHRAN, Iran - Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Monday that Tehran will continue to pursue nuclear technology, despite a U.N. Security Council deadline to suspend uranium enrichment by the end of the month or face the threat of economic and diplomatic sanctions.
"The Islamic Republic of Iran has made its own decision and in the nuclear case, God willing, with patience and power, will continue its path," Khamenei was quoted as saying by state television.
Via Iran Focus: Annan appeals to Iran for positive response to nuclear deal
"I am pleased that the Islamic Republic of Iran has indicated it will respond to the proposal of the EU3 plus three for a comprehensive solution to the nuclear issue on Tuesday," Annan said in a statement.

Via AP: Iran denies inspectors access to site
VIENNA, Austria - Iran has turned away U.N. inspectors wanting to examine its underground nuclear site in an apparent violation of the Nonproliferation Treaty, diplomats and U.N. officials said Monday.
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S.Korea Nabs Possible Spy from N.Korea

The 48 year old North Korean spy suspect likely to be charged later this week.
Via Reuters:
SEOUL (Reuters) - South Korea has arrested a suspected North Korean spy who entered the country at a time when tensions are running high on the peninsula, a parliamentary official said on Monday.
The arrest comes after North Korea defied international warnings and test fired seven missiles on July 5, and news reports from the United States last week said North Korea may be preparing to conduct its first nuclear weapons test.
He was arrested on July 31 after entering South Korea from the Philippines with a forged passport.
Yonhap news agency cited a government source familiar with intelligence matters as saying the suspect is the first North Korean spy arrested trying to enter the country since 2003. [read more]
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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Iran and the Islamic Calendar of August 22 2006

It truly is amazing how many people are searching for the significance of August 22 and a connection to the crazy madman, Iranian's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejah. Do we really need to take this date serious? Well according me monitoring the "off the charts" searches from ones seeking more information, I decided to post more on this subject.

Today in the UK Times Online: Focus: The nuclear fanatic (three pages online)
Iran's president is the West's looming nightmare - and this week he's promising to make matters worse. Sarah Baxter reports
If some Iran-watchers in America are to be believed, we could be 48 hours away from the day of judgment.
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iran’s president, has promised to deliver on Tuesday his response to international demands that Iran stop enriching uranium for nuclear use.
By the Islamic calendar, Tuesday is also a holy date: the night when Muhammad rose to heaven from the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem on a “buraq”, a fabulous winged beast with the body of a horse and the face of a woman, (my insertion: check out this picture) and reappeared in Mecca.
My previous post Iran and August 22 Significance on Joel Rosenberg's posts and Iran's Day of Terror? gives you different perspectives and research. Follow the links, if you wish, to find out more.
Bernard Lewis, the West’s foremost scholar of Islam, has even warned that on such a symbolic date it would be wise to bear in mind the possibility of a “cataclysmic” event such as a strike on Israel.
The messianic Shi’ite president could have waited another nine days for the deadline set by the United Nations for his response on nuclear enrichment; but his obsession with theology and numerology appears to be hastening his decision.
The European Union, represented by Britain, France and Germany, has spent the past three years trying to talk Iran out of its nuclear programme — to no effect. Inspectors from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) have been given the run-around, and last April the Iranian president laid on a ceremony with dancers and doves of peace to celebrate the glorious news, as he put it, that “Iran has joined the countries with nuclear technology”.
To give you thought on the European Union, check out the post published here on the day before 6-6-06. Do I believe that Tuesday, August 22nd will be the end of the world? No!! No one on this earth knows the exact day and time. Do I believe times may get bad before that "blink of the eye" time comes? Yes!!

Iran is adding to everyone's fears and terror, with each and everyday. This weekend weapons are being displayed and tested in Iran. One thing that does concern me is both, Iran and N.Korea are planning something and who knows what that is. It has been reported that on July 4th when N.Korea tested their missiles that the Iranians were there to assist. After months of being in seclusion, Kim Jong Il came out of hiding and reports are that there is movement of a possible testing of more missiles from N.Korea. Iran and N.Korea learned from nuclear scientist Khan how to enhance uranium to make nuclear bombs.
The Dirty Little Secrets of Nuclear Weapons
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If you wish, please VOTE on this article at Real Clear Politics.
Thanks to Barry at The Royal Flush for linking this post.

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