Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Are Some Desensitized by Iran's Head and War Games?

**UPDATED** From Yesterday....
Iran is not only playing Head games, they are actually conducting War Games and have been since Aug 19th. That is not all that Ahmadinejah has in store for the nations that do not embrace Islam.

A year ago, the world would be outraged and extremely concerned, now it seems to be downplayed. What is going on? Is it that people are listening and seeing Iran showing their muscles and they feel immune to it affecting America and/or Israel? Everyday it seems, we hear of Iran's President making threats and now for about a month they have been carrying out military exercises. Are some people desensitized or just blowing it off as a non-issue to our security perhaps due to the everyday coverage on the news? Are some just writing off Ahmadinejad as a nut case or a madman that we can negotiate with? He only hopes so, in order to give him more and more time for his timing of unleaching nuclear bombs and Islamic killers-followers positioned throughout the world.

N.Korea was ignored when they tested missiles on the July 4th, was it because Kim Jong Il's long-range missile was a dud? Iran was in attendance during the launches, what makes ones think that Iran does not have nuclear weapons?
Feb 3, 2004 Daily Telegraph of London, England Headline:Confession by the Father of Pakistan’s Atomic Bomb: “I’ve Sold Nuclear Secrets to Libya, Iran, and North Korea”
Abdul Qadeer Khan first began to transfer designs, drawings, and components for gas centrifuges to Iran between 1989 and 1991. There is clear evidence that Iran has been seeking to develop nuclear weapons for 20 years.
August 5, 2003 The Jerusalem Post bannered headline bluntly stated: IRAN CAN PRODUCE NUCLEAR BOMB by 2005.
During the Clinton Administration they were very skeptical of the Israeli intelligence reports. Later Israeli intelligence gave photographic proof to the U.S. Intel comm.

A defector from Iran’s secretive nuclear establishment in Paris on July 13, 2005 conducted an interview with Iran Focus. It was discussed the SIX-STEP PROCEDURE for Making a Nuclear BOMB (enriching the uranium). It is stated that Iran is IN STAGE 5 around June 27, 2005. Iran is soon to be home free, last step for the bomb can take 12 to 18 months. Do the math.....It angers me to hear some interviewed on the news say "oh, Iran is 5-10 yrs from the bomb" Wake-Up America!! Israel supports sources (Apr 05) that Iran is in stage 5 and can have a bomb ready in twelve to eighteen months. That would make Iran's nuclear weapons ready by Apr 2006 unless international diplomacy prevails. Guess What? April 11, 2006 I posted on Iran "Home Free" on Nukes - Breaking News! reported by the AP.

The scientists that worked for Dr. A.Q. Khan, the "father of the Islamic bomb," who is now under house arrest in Pakistan after confessing he had provided both Iran and North Korea with details of how to make their own nuclear bombs. (an excerpt from Worldnetdaily)

Yesterday. 8/27/06 AP reports: Iran Test-Fires Sub-To-Surface Missile
Excerpt: Iran routinely has held war games over the past two decades to improve its combat readiness and to test equipment including missiles, tanks and armored personnel carriers.

BTW: U.N. Kofi Annan's travel plans include visiting Iran this week.

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