Saturday, August 26, 2006

Miami's "Liberty City 7" Terrorist Tapes

This week our local television station CBS4, in Miami, has been airing the uncover surveillance videos of the "Liberty City 7" homegrown terrorist. However, it took a court order from a Federal Judge to rule in favor of CBS4 to obtain the government evidence.

The "Liberty City 7" as they are now referred to, was allegedly plotting to blow up several buildings and structures, including the Chicago Sear Tower, Miami Federal Courthouse, and Miami FBI offices.
If anyone has or have had doubts about the determination and will of this group, watch the videos. I viewed and listened with my own eyes and ears, for myself, and they are down-right chilling.

The material shown on television and on the internet was provided by prosecutors to thre defense as part of the discovery process. It includes hundreds of hours of CDs and DVDs, which CBS4 has been examining for the material which was broadcast.
Miami Terror Suspect Heard Making Plans On Tape via
CBS4 Offers First Extensive Look At Undercover Video

7 Men Charged With Plotting In Miami To Blow Up Buildings
Batiste Talks About Sears Tower And Empire State Building
Brian Andrews Reporting.....

The home videos made by the suspects shows them taping the exterior of the courthouse, security cameras concentrating on the entrances and it is obvious they were staking out the building for one of their attacks.

You can hear for yourself, the alleged ringleader Narseal Batiste meeting several times with who he thought was an Al-Qaeda leader, which thank God, it was a federal informant.

(CBS4 News) MIAMI CBS4 News has obtained a copy of the tape that might be the key for prosecutors to convince a federal court that the 'Liberty City 7' did have plans to blow up skyscrapers such as the Sears Tower in Chicago.
Attorneys for the alleged ringleader tried to file an injunction to stop CBS4 News from airing the video, but the application was denied late Wednesday night.
Members of the alleged terrorism cell which has become known as the Liberty City 7 had no idea undercover agents had wired the meeting room in a Liberty City warehouse, with cameras inside, outside, and observing the parking lot.
It is bad enough knowing we have illegal criminal aliens roaming around in our country along with Hezbollah and Al-Qaeda sleeper cells, but we must also keep in mind of these Islamic nuts or converts in Islam, as homegrowns, that decide they want to join in on killing Americans. Just because this group of what some may call, terrorist wannabees, are as dangerous as the ones that enter our country to inflict death to us infidels.

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**UPDATE** Via Drudge Video Discloses Alleged Plot To Target Sears Tower
Federal Judge Denies Request To Ban Video
Video Library: Sears Tower Plot Suspects
Video Library on the tapes at the bottom of the article and Videos are at CBS4 Miami.

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