Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Katrina:The Finger Pointing Politicians and CNN's Potty Break aired During Pres. Bush's Speech

*UPDATE* 8/29/06.... With SNAFU from CNN and Kyra Phillips going to the potty with the Mic on during President Bush's speech today in N.O. ( read below with link to video)

8/28/06 -For the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, rest assured that all the big mouth Liberal Politicians have their flight plans in order. Don't think for a moment, that they will not pass on this chance for camera coverage to blame President Bush for "blowing out of his own mouth" a hurricane named Katrina.

8/29/06 -It seems the Mississippi Gulf Coast has a Master Plan for rebuilding and what is up with New Orleans? Don't you think money has been wasted and the Dems can't find where much of the money has gone to? People forget way before Katrina, the government gave money for the levees to be upgraded, but the corrupt politicians used that money for casinos and boosting tourism.

I admire President Bush for taking responsibility for the federal level, but if you look and research back the blame started with the Governor and the mayor. Don't forget either.... all the school buses sitting under water and Max Mayfield calling Gov Blanco several times pleading with her to do something.

*UPDATED* Tues 8/29/06
NEW ORLEANS — Residents around New Orleans were remembering the anniversary of the day Hurricane Katrina made landfall with rituals of mourning and celebrations of life — and of course, jazz.
One year after one of the worst natural disasters in U.S. history, bells tolled in the shattered city, marking the moment when New Orleans' levees buckled and unleashed a torrent of water that ripped homes from their foundations and sent half the city into an exile. Via Fox News

Today when I listened to Martha MacCallum, on Fox News Live interview the vile mouth Senator Mary L Landrieu(D-La.) Democrat Louisiana...my blood boiled. This is two days in a row, she compares Louisiana as different than Mississippi. Martha was overloaded with emails of outrage.

Hot Air has a Video of CNN's Phillips chat in loo during Bush Speech. Potty break mic snafu: Someone at CNN left Kyra Phillips' mic open and on the air during Pres. Bush's speech today....as Byran wrote....So instead of getting the president’s remarks, CNN’s audience got that and Phillips in some girl-chat. NewsBusters: Oops! CNN Airs Anchor's Girltalk Over Bush Speech

Via Wikipedia: (UNDER Mishaps) On August 29th, 2006, during a CNN broadcast of George W. Bush's speech on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina (2005), Kyra's microphone was inadvertently left on while she was apparently in the bathroom. Portions of a personal conversation, including offering advice on men and criticizing her sister-in-law, were broadcast live for over a minute and a half. Phillips later apologized for the on-air gaffe.

*UPDATE* Reuters: CNN SORRY....(yeah I bet they are...hahaha)
NEW YORK (Hollywood Reporter) - CNN apologized Tuesday after an open mike transmitted an anchor's bathroom conversation with another woman live over the network as it was carrying President Bush's speech in New Orleans. [read more]
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