Thursday, October 26, 2006

President signs Secure Fence Act of 2006

This is a great start on securing our borders with 700 miles of fencing. This blogger campaign kicked off with Secure America Borders on September 25, 2006. I am sure the Liberals were not too happy about this bill being passed since they have voted against just about everything stopping illegal immigration. The Democrats have made it very clear they want illegals to vote, draw social security, not accept English as our national language and so forth. Oh I could go on how they are against securing our borders and detaining illegals that are breaking our laws. Just another issue to consider in this upcoming election. I will try to update this with more later.

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Excerpt: At the end of the day a border fence is a good first step, but we are a long way from the finish line, and it is far too early to start popping the corks on champagne bottles .

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