Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Date with Death for Danny Rolling at 6 p.m.

Florida will Execute Danny Rolling on Wednesday more at Assorted Babble News!!

Death Row Serial Murderer Danny Rolling is now pronounced Dead. For more details of these awful murders of Florida college students, click here. The Florida execution went as scheduled at 6 p.m. May God be with the families and friends of all of Rolling's victims.

**UPDATE** Rolling was one of the worst of the worst and he confessed to his crimes. The evidence against this evil murderer was overwhelming. The details are so horrific, that it would be hard to describe what he did to each victim. For one, after killing by stabbing, sexual abusing the young woman's body, he cut her head off and placed it on a mantle surrounded by mirrors for the police to see first they did through the windows. Rolling also posed each of his victims and was connected to three killings in Shreveport, La. One woman lived to tell her story of surviving Rolling, not in Florida though.

Recently the victim's families met here in Broward County last week for rememberance, some of the families attended the execution.

More at our Local Channel 4, click here.

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