Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Low Taxes and Security - Two Key Issues

Do you wish to pay higher taxes? Have a party that is clueless on keeping America safe? Well that is just two of the issues to start with.... that you have to look forward to, if the Republicans do not hold the majority.

If the Libs win...... so does the insurgents as well. John Gibson, on the Big Story, summed it up pretty well yesterday and today with His Word. You should check it out.

Does anyone remember the Hezbollah celebrations after Israel pulled out of Lebanon? Hezbollah claimed Victory, it will be the same thing Al-Qaeda will do if this "Cut and Run" bunch get their way. The recruits of new terrorists will rise in numbers like you have never seen, not to mention the radicals will infiltrate our country with more terrorists like never before. We will have in no time our own Baghdad cities to deal with here at home.

I hope people tuned in today to listen to our President and his speech on Iraq. The early celebration in the end zone is crazy when there has not been a touchdown made. People have to vote on election day before victory can be declared. Also on that note, where are the polls that indicate what the turn out will be for who will go to the polls. This family here will be voting, that you can go to the bank on.

This part is not really worthy of mentioning, however there is a Florida Blogger Rick - SOTP...Stupid on the Palmetto that writes post about me all the time that are always negative and links my blog hoping to get a response. (BTW, Rick-no one comes from your blog but you, because I monitor my traffic and I know) I refuse to link him to give him a reader or two.... that obviously he wants or desperately needs for attention that he lacks....I guess I could send over the couple of moonbat trolls I get occasionally. Every post I have ever read of his is the same old hate-filled far left liberal propganda with nothing positive to waste your time on. However, today he commented that I would vote for Charles Manson if he was running on the Republican ticket (on someone else's blog about me).....and added more hateful rhetoric along with it. Well, Rick.....I truly do not understand why you are so full of anger and why you wish to hurt people.....but get a life. You could truly help your party by showing something positive or at the least give it must be a very miserable person to only want to attack others constantly.

When CNN Headline News ask me to appear a few months ago as a South Florida Blogger on their show, I did not promote negative views or bash my fellow bloggers no matter what side they are on. You do not even know me, much less how I thing I can assure you I am nothing like you nor will I ever be.....You can take your far left hate messages and share them with yourself or your own kind...I have nothing for you.

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