Sunday, October 29, 2006

Lynne Cheney stands up to Blitzer - Way to Go, Lynne

H/T Hot Air for photo

Good for Lynne Cheney!! Lynne put Blitzer on the hot seat instead of what his plans were for her. Hot Air by Allahpundit has the run down with links and the video. Is it really a shocker to any of us that the MSM is not interested in her latest children's book but about your husband's statement(s) or bashing our President's administration? Guessing they thought Lynne would be a push over!! I thought she did wonderfully and glad to see that she held her OWN well against the Liberal Mainstream Media..actually She kick BUTT!! GO LYNNE!!

Excerpt from GP: CNN reached a new low for mainstream news yesterday when they announced that "terrorist propaganda is now considered news" on this influential channel.

It seems that is the Main Question these days to Liberals - "DO YOU WANT US TO WIN IN IRAQ? "

I have heard this question be ask to other Liberals, and immediately they change the subject or avoid it all together.....Correct me if I am wrong, but what I have heard so far not one of them gives a yes or no answer. Many of this bunch would rather the US lose because of their hatred of our President than pull for our military and brave soldiers to win in the Middle East. To me that is sickening.

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