Monday, June 12, 2006

Grand Jury will decide on Mary Winkler - TN

The Jackson Sun-Selmer News: Grand jury to weigh Winkler charges
A grand jury in McNairy County is expected to decide Monday whether to indict the wife of a prominent Church of Christ minister on homicide charges in the March 22 shooting death of her husband.
Mary Winkler, 32, was arrested in Orange Beach, Ala., almost 24 hours after her husband, 31-year-old Matthew Winkler, was found shot in the back at their Selmer home. Police said she had taken the couple's three young daughters and fled to the Gulf Coast area in her minivan after the shooting. [read more]
KnoxNews : Additional information Winkler may be indicted Monday

UPDATE: Although Mary Winkler confessed to killing her minister husband, reports indicate Mary Winkler will be pleading Not Guilty to the charges. Still no motive has been given.

BREAKING NEWS REPORTS -The Grand Jury has indicted Mary Winker of 1st Degree Murder, a charge stemmed from premeditated murder.
WVLT Volunteer TV, Knoxville, TN: Grand Jury Indicts Wife of Slain Preacher

June 14, 2006 -Updated information at Assorted Babble News or click here.

The Median Sib - Mary Winkler - FINALLY some news!!
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