Friday, June 09, 2006

Iran Maneuvers Time for Perfecting Bomb

On May 8th, I posted on the six-step procedure -stages for making a Nuclear Bomb. In the an article in the National Review Online on June 27, 2005 it reported Iran was very likely in stage five (5) and it was predicted Iran will reach the 'point of no return' possibly by Jan 2006. This information was based on high-level political, military, and intelligence officials.

Once in stage five (5) it only takes twelve to eighteen months with the technology, the know-how, and trained nuclear scientists that is needed to produce highly enriched uranium. It is obvious to me why Iran continues to be defiant and continues with threats.
Via Breitbart Iran confirms stepping up nuclear activities
An Iranian official has confirmed that the country has stepped up its nuclear activities, following a report from the UN atomic agency that said Iran has accelerated uranium enrichment.
"Iran has started another stage of injecting hexafluoride gas into centrifuge machines," the student news agency ISNA quoted an unnamed official as saying on Friday. [read more]
Reuters: President Bush said "weeks not months"
excerpt: "We have given the Iranians a limited period of time, weeks not months," to respond to an offer for an incentives package for Iran to ensure it does not pursue nuclear weapons, said Bush.

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