Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Clemson Student,Tiffany Souers' Killer Caught

I was awake late last night when the breaking news announced that TN police arrested this sicko killer scumbag. Just how many sex offenders is it going to take released back on our streets for the justice system to get it? Every week we are hearing of another innocent child or adult raped and killed by these sex offenders. How many MORE dead people is it going to take for these liberal judges and other authoritories that make decisions on their releases, to know that these criminals do not belong free to be amongst us? It truly upsets me.....Who was responsible for monitoring this bastard? Below you will find if Inman would have served out his sentence his release date would have been yesterday.

Via Fox News
GREENVILLE, S.C. — The registered sex offender arrested in connection with the bikini strangulation death of a Clemson University junior waived extradition Wednesday in a Jefferson County, Tenn. court.
Jerry Buck Inman, 35, will head back to South Carolina to face charges of murder, rape and kidnapping in connection with the death of Tiffany Marie Souers. Tennessee police arrested Inman during a traffic stop late Tuesday near his parents' home in Dandridge, Tenn., according to Jefferson County Sheriff David Davenport.
Jerry Inman's sex offender's profile (click here)

Nancy Grace's transcript of Tuesday night: GRACE: You`re taking a look at Jerry "Buck" Inman, the chief suspect in the case of Tiffany Souers, the 20-year-old Clemson University student found murdered in her own apartment. I`ve just received some very disturbing news. This guy convicted at age 17 for sexual battery with a deadly weapon, robbery, grand theft motor, armed robbery. This was back in 1989 that he was adjudicated. His tentative release date was today, June 6, 2006. If he had been kept behind bars as long as he was supposed to have been, he would not have been in Tiffany Souers` apartment, according to prosecutors.

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