Saturday, June 03, 2006

Doggie Dining in Florida

We love it!! Occasionally we will take our pups to Fort Lauderdale's Riverfront Cafe and they are always welcomed with their own plates and bowls. We have so many restaurants with outdoor dining (year round) that it is nice to be able to bring your pet along if you wish. Prior to the bill being signed, pups were allowed at many locations for several years now without being turned away.

Picture Caption:
Must love dogs -Florida Gov. Jeb Bush holds "Dixie Cup", a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier in Orlando, Fla., shortly before signing into law the so-called "doggie dining" bill, allowing local governments to let restaurants permit dogs to eat with their owners outside. Florida health regulations previously prevented all dogs except service animals from joining patrons al fresco.(AP/Joe Burbank)

Via Sun-Sentinel excerpt: Bush said the bill will allow dog lovers and their pets to ``have a brewski together, have a hot dog together or whatever they want outdoors.''

Picture Caption (right side)
Put your paw on the dotted lineFlorida Gov. Jeb Bush, left, helps "Dixie Cup", a 5-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, put a paw print on a bill that Bush had just signed at a restaurant in downtown Orlando, Fla., as bill sponsor Sen. Charlie Clary, R-Destin, right, helps.

Via CBS4 excerpt: The measure would create a three-year pilot program after which time the state would revisit the issue to determine whether it was a good idea.Allowing dogs to dine would be up to the local city or county, and then even if local restrictions were waived to allow it, it would still be up to the restaurant owner as to whether to participate.

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