Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Breaking: FBI ARREST Two Aides of Democrat State Senator Fumo

Two Aides of DEMOCRAT Sen. Vincent J. Fumo (D- Philadelphia) was arrested today by the FBI. The Democrat's Culture of Corruption is getting deeeeeep, get out the boots better yet the waders.

Via Philadelphia Business Journal Senator's staffers charged with obstruction

Two computer-services employees who were working for Pennsylvania state Sen. Vincent J. Fumo were arrested Wednesday morning and charged with obstructing a federal investigation into his dealings involving a nonprofit organization.
According to the 65-page affidavit unsealed Wednesday, Leonard Luchko, 49, of Collingdale, Pa., and Mark Eister, 36, of Camp Hill, Pa., systematically destroyed e-mail and other electronic evidence to keep it from FBI scrutiny.
Senator Vincent J. Fumo's websites are here and here.
Harrisburg, April 28, 2006 -- State Senator Vince Fumo of Philadelphia was honored as the Man of he Year by the Pennsylvania Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers today. Fumo supports Senator FEINGOLD's RESOLUTION CENSURING GEORGE W. BUSH FOR ILLEGAL SPYING ON AMERICAN CITIZENS [read more]

An ongoing investigation by the FBI and Internal Revenue Service Criminal Investigation Division is exploring whether Fumo used his authority and position to extort money from corporations for a nonprofit associated with his South Philadelphia district office. The investigation is also examining whether he benefited personally and politically from expenditures made by the nonprofit.
Guess Democrat Jefferson's exposure of corruption prompted fast action.

According to the affidavit, upon learning of the investigation, Luchko instructed the senator's Philadelphia staff to delete all e-mails regarding Fumo, and Eister took similar steps in Harrisburg, the state capital. Staffers were also instructed not to save e-mails to or from the senator and computers and Blackberrys pertaining to the investigation were "wiped clean," U.S. Attorney Pat Meehan and Acting FBI Special Agent-in-Charge Brian W. Lynch said.
This is what happens when the crooks learn of an investigation.......Same as if Congress would have been tipped off to the raid on Jefferson's Capital Hill office.

"This was a deliberate, systematic, and ultimately successful effort to interfere with a federal investigation," Meehan said.
Yes, I would have to agree!!!

A call to Fumo's office for comment was not returned.
Is this a surprise? excerpt: During his years in politics, Fumo has been criminally charged twice. In 1973, he was charged with voter fraud, but the charges were later withdrawn.
In 1980, he was convicted on charges of placing "ghost employees" on the state legislative payroll, but a judge later tossed out the verdict, saying the evidence was too thin.
Humm, sound like another one that is ABOVE THE LAW!!!

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