Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Bricks arrive in Congress

Via Rocky Mountain News

Lawmakers get hard messages
WASHINGTON - Sometimes, mail call hits Congress like a ton of bricks - literally.
One by one, opponents of illegal immigration have been sending lawmakers real, red bricks with angry messages written on the side: "Build a wall. Deport them all."
One letter, which was wrapped around a brick and mailed to the senator, says: "I can't take a day off from work to go stand in the street and protest all day long like an illegal immigrant. But I did have time to send you this brick so that you could get started building a wall between the U.S. and Mexico."

Send-A-Brick is making an impact!! Check out the updates....

The Send-A-Brick Project was created by concerned citizens to send bricks to Washington encouraging our Congressmen to stand tough on border security.
Each brick sends a message to our Senators and Representatives that we want our borders secured before any other action is taken on illegal immigration.

N.Y. Times reports on this story. Excerpt- an estimated 10,000 bricks since it began in April..

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