Monday, June 05, 2006

Pat Kennedy the "Expert" To Speak on Addiction

Representative Patrick Kennedy (Democrat-R.I.) returned home this weekend after spending nearly a month at the Mayo Clinic. Kennedy is scheduled to speak to a forum at Brown University today about being a drug addict. Wonder if he will share with the group how you can beat jail time and keep your job by running swiftly off to rehab?
Via USA Today
WASHINGTON (AP) — Rep. Patrick Kennedy has ended nearly a month of treatment for addiction to prescription pain drugs and had an appearance scheduled Monday in his home state of Rhode Island.
Kennedy left the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn. on Friday.
Kennedy, D-R.I., the son of Sen. Edward Kennedy, D-Mass., was expected to appear at a Brown University forum Monday on the future of mental health care and addiction treatment.
The six-term congressman had checked into the Mayo Clinic on May 5, one day after a middle-of-the-night car crash near the Capitol that he said he could not remember. He also had been treated at the clinic over the Christmas holidays.

The accident has raised questions about whether Kennedy, 38, was drinking and had received special treatment by police, who did not conduct field sobriety tests.
Capitol Police cited him for three traffic violations and said he appeared to be intoxicated. Police said Friday they were still investigating the incident.

Kennedy has been a passionate advocate for improved mental health care coverage, speaking publicly about his own battles with depression, alcoholism and substance abuse. [read more]

Home away from Home, Pat Kennedy is a repeat visitor of rehabs and bars but he is a PASSIONATE advocate for improved Mental Health Care Coverage! Huh? Sounds like typical democrats - Hypocrites!!

Ahhh..... Perhaps Patrick Kennedy recovered his memory while he was away.....
Surely the Hawk N Dove has a bar stool waiting with taxi service available this time around. This reminds me of the old country song title "Tears in your Beer"!

UPDATE: Patrick Kennedy speaks at Brown University

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