Saturday, June 10, 2006

Thank you Troops from my heart!!!

Wow, what a week!!! First off, I have to say, just how proud I am of our armed forces. We have the best troops in the world with the most advanced technology anywhere on our globe. Our military is the BEST, the very Best!! Since the announcement of terminating AL-Zawqawi it has been nothing but joy and happiness. Knowing this boosted the moral of our troops, with such a victory. Regardless of the fact that violence may continue in Iraq, however you have to know the majority of the citizens of that country are rejoicing and feel a relief for their safety.

Not only did our military take down the most wanted evil terrorist in Iraq but they conducted over 3 dozen raids following the bomb attack. BTW, I can watch that video of the F-16 fighters over and over, just awesome how precise and professional our young men and women are with fighting this war on terror.

It seems the remains of the ‘safe-house’ turned into a vault of intelligence for our forces from a cache collection i.e. weapons, documents, and media. Media refers to information storage devices. (computer hard drives, digital cameras, and varies other devices) Maj. Gen. Bill Caldwell added that digital photographs of the recovered items included a suicide belt, a flak vest, passports and identification cards, vehicle license plates, ammunition belts, rifles and other guns and a night-vision device.

We are winning the War on Terror and Thank you again our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and putting your life on the line for us to be free and safe.
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P.S. Wishing I could post a few of the awesome photos that I have saved, but blogger is still preventing my blog from doing so.

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