Thursday, March 30, 2006

Winkler Case - Thursday 3-30-06

Mary Winkler’s attorneys waived an opportunity for a preliminary hearing this morning and did not ask for bond at this time. Many are very concerned about Mrs. Winkler and her mental state, no one said for sure if she was on 'suicide watch' but it seemed to be insinuated.

Last night on Nancy Grace Transcripts-Wed night 3-29-06

BRUCE LEVY, TENNESSEE STATE MEDICAL EXAMINER: Revealed details about Matthew Winkler’s body. (one gun shot)
There was quite a discussion about the Church of Christ and if it is a cultish church. Cult Watch.Com
Also the Winkler family has set up a website for ones that wish to donate for the children. Winkler Family Fund.Com

I have had enough of Geraldo, this is not the first time he has reported inaccurate info. The other night on O’Reilly, Geraldo reported Matthew Winkler was shot twice. NOT!!!

Do we have a southerner modern day Matlock....for a defense attorney?

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