Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Winkler Murder Case Update- Hearing & Funeral

Matthew Winkler’s visitation was yesterday where over 200 people attended and he will be buried today. On Monday, at McNairy County Criminal Justice Center Mary Winkler said “no, sir” to the judge at her arraignment after being ask if she had any questions.

Her attorneys entered no plea, and the judge granted the defense's request to postpone a bail hearing until her preliminary hearing Thursday morning.
Another excerpt:
Mary Winkler's lead defense attorney, Steve Farese Sr., said earlier yesterday that he had not seen the statement she gave police during questioning in Alabama.
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Last night after I watched several programs, Nancy Grace’s show seem to reveal the most information. Her guest was Mary Winkler’s attorney, Mr. Farese, Sr. and a Baptist pastor explaining about the Church of Christ. Monday night’s transcripts

My Take:
I have many questions involving in this case. First, as many of you know I am from the area (Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, AL) where Mary Winkler was located, arrested and supposedly confessed murdering her husband. If you remember, a confession immediately was released followed first-degree murder charges. Alabama authorities questioned Mary Winkler without TN officials present. Growing up in this area, I can’t help but wonder if the proper legal channels for Mary Winkler’s rights might have been violated. This is strictly my own opinion. Perhaps I am basing this on years of Baldwin country’s reputation and their performance of justice in rural south AL. Regardless, if she is guilty or not why is the motive being withheld and everything is now being questioned?

I am the first to say that criminals that commit crimes and found guilty need to be behind bars. If Mary Winkler is guilty of cold-blooded murder she needs to pay the price, however if she or her children were abused by her husband that is another opinion. All of this is becoming more and more murkier as each day goes by instead of clarity.

It seems in the last year the Winkler family relocated to Selmer, TN quite abruptly, both Mary and Matthew lost loved ones; Mary lost her mother, had a miscarriage and Matthew lost his grandfather. A person commented that the picture of the Winkler’s family (shown in media) is from a funeral and there is a white card in the flowers behind them. That would explain as one said for the children looking sad. To me nothing about this case makes sense. Why would a woman snap and kill her husband unless she felt threatened in some way for her and/or her children?

Last night Mary’s attorney stated that the note sent to the church indicating Mary was sorry, was based on her being sorry for the church having to go through this not necessarily for the murder. More questions here!! Did she confess or not, was that scratches on her arms in the photo that ones have pointed out, did Matthew turn during a struggle to be shot in the back, questions galore. A neighbor on Rita Cosby’s Live and Direct spoke of a problem involving Matthew, his gun and the neighbor’s dogs, so this leaves me again with more questions. Perhaps, Thursday at Mary Winkler’s preliminary hearing we will find out more.

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