Sunday, March 26, 2006

Out of Control - Illegal means Illegal

I don’t understand when we have 12 million illegal immigrants roaming in our country and tens of thousands are in the streets having rallies, demonstrating they are against enforcing our laws, that we are not out there arresting them or rounding them up. To me it is like allowing criminals to protest that it is okay to break the law while we sit back watching, makes no sense to me. Is freedom of speech for citizens of the U.S. only or is it for illegal immigrants as well? I do not have the answer to this.

Illegal means i-l-l-e-g-a-l. According to my dictionary, illegal’s definition says unauthorized and unlawful. Obviously, with watching the rallies yesterday, it made me think about them taking over this country once again. The majority of these people are undocumented. We have no idea who they are, their backgrounds, and where they ALL are, it is time we did something about this, in my opinion actually something should have been done way before now. Why should they be able to get a pass without getting in line with the ones that are taking the proper channels the legal way?

I have no problem with people getting citizenship, but feel they need to do it legally. We have dangerous terrorists also crossing our borders along with other criminals from human trafficking to drug smugglers. I feel President’s Bush plan is a start. HOWEVER, in my opinion, I support a fence too. (one with an electric wire across the top) I believe you would see a decrease immediately.

Crackdown Monday -Immigration Bill – Monday should be action packed in Washington with the politicians battling this out.
Immigration Reform Now.Org

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