Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mary’s Mystery Motive - Winkler Case

Mary Winkler was transported back to Selmer, TN today and was wearing the same outfit that she was arrested in. Her hearing is set for Monday. The officer in the car with her for over 4 hours from Orange Beach, AL to Tennessee said Mary Winkler did not speak a word the complete trip. I have listened to ones that know her, defense attorneys, former FBI profiler, and different experts, all seem to be speculating on what the motive was for Mary Winkler to shoot her husband, Matthew, a very popular pastor, in the back. According to police Mary confessed to shooting her husband and they know the motive, however all information is being held extremely close to the vest literally.

It sure has many of us that are interested in this story wondering about the life of a wife married to a preacher. One police official gave hint tonight on one of Fox News Primetime programs, that abuse may be a part of it. It made sense today when others were discussing that if they released information, that it might jeopardize ones’ statements or being questioned, if the media released the motive details.

I want to thank my new friends at True Crime Blogroll for approving of my blog to join them.
The Publishing Spot -Crime Bloggers and Breaking News linked my blog along with others: Excerpt below -
" As per his usual, he has some background information. I really admire his writing skills, but above all else I admire his researching skills. Has been following this case from the beginning. Has also been following this from the beginning. Has an early article on the disappearance.

BTW, if you aren’t familiar with blogs, sometimes a lot of info is passed in the comments section so be sure to check that out. That is one of the reasons why all bloggers encourage people to leave comments."
Please visit the other blogs for breaking news and updates in this case. (listed above and on the blog roll)
I was wondering why (smiling) my visitors to this site had tripled the last few days. Normally I may get close to hundred but it has been attracting Google, MSN, Yahoo, and all the search engines with people looking for information involving this case. Last, I checked today it was reaching 300; it is amazing just how many people are searching and is interested in this bizarre murder. (Apparently not many blogs are keeping up with this story to find me and a few others in large numbers) Therefore, I will continue to give updates on this case as much as possible as it breaks.

What do you think the motive was? With me reading news sites, other blogs and watching breaking news, etc. there are many theories out there, btw I recommend to all to visit the True Crime Blogroll on my sidebar. Ones have speculated PPD post-partum psychosis or anxiety, physical abuse, stress related depression under pressure to uphold a persona of a perfect marriage and wife of a pastor, personality disorders, child abuse – physical and perhaps sexually, etc. One woman/friend said that Mary seem to smile all the time, but also seemed distracted with empty emotions behind the smiles. This is a mystery and why would a woman feel so trapped that she did not see anyway out except murder? I appreciate all comments, interested in your opinions.

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