Monday, March 27, 2006

Mary Winkler Sees TN Judge Monday

Mary Winkler, who police said has confessed to killing her minister husband, showed little emotion during a jailhouse visit with a member of their church but offered an apology and seemed resigned to a fate away from her children.
Pam Killingsworth, a member of the Fourth Street Church of Christ, visited Winkler yesterday for about a half hour. Full Story

Photo Description: Members of the Fourth Street Church of Christ leave after Sunday services. Their minister, Matthew Winkler, was found dead last week, and police say his wife, Mary Winkler, has confessed to killing him. Mary Winkler (AP)

Monday 1:30 p.m. (Central time), Mary Winkler will be formally charged at her hearing. FNC should be covering it live.
Due to the hundreds of visitors to this site each day since the Amber Alert, I wanted to give an update of what is happening.
Several Bloggers are updating as facts are revealed with information not reported on the MSM. You may want to visit.
Huff Crime Blog (He has been updating his post, new links, informative comments, etc.) A Must Read.
Home Sweet Home
Others are listed on my previous post Click Here-Mary’s Mystery Motive-Winkler Case

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