Tuesday, March 28, 2006

"Guts" and "Balls" FOR CONGRESS

We need men and women with "Guts and Balls" in our Congress. Who is He or She? I bet our fore-fathers have been rolling around in their graves for some time now. It seems many of the ones in office are "Spineless" and "Cowards".

I say TERM LIMITS for CONGRESS...that might possibly keep some in line and care about what the people think.

UPDATE: 4:47 p.m. Your World w/ Cavuto.... on FNC
Discussion with panel...
Why is Congress and their aides ALLOWED to practice "Inside Trading"?
Laws are on the books for only Members of Congress i.e. salaries, health benefits, etc.
Most Senators are worth 15-20 Million +. (tidbit here)
P.S. Currently members of Congress and their aides can trade stocks on 'non-public' information. Should that privilege be revoked? Voting Poll: FoxNews-Cavuto So far the YES VOTE is 95%!! (smiling) Submit your vote if you wish!!

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