Monday, July 31, 2006

News of Fidel Castro People are Celebrating in the Streets

Our local Miami News is airing the thousands that are celebrating in the streets, the crowds are larger now than when the Miami Heat won the championship recently. Nothing but happiness, dancing, joyful emotional statements with tears; the sounds are deafening of the parties. The Cuban-Americans of this area, see this as a new beginning from the breaking news of Cuban's dictator Fidel Castro signing away his power to his brother, Raul Castro, 75 yrs old. Castro has always claimed that he would never do that until his death. Breaking News - Castro is still alive but the situation is changing by the moment and this is not confirmed. The celebration is about Cuba being weakened and at this time Fidel Castro is no longer in power. That is why they are saying this is a beginning of a New Day after 47 years.

Via CBS Channel 4 Local Miami: CBS Sources: Castro Is Still Alive
Castro 'Provisionally' Turns Over Island To His Brother Raul
Cuba Says Castro Needs Time To Recover From Surgery

(CBS4 News) HAVANA In an unprecedented announcement, the Cuban government announced Monday night that Fidel Castro was temporarily giving up power to his brother and Vice President Raul, due to surgery for an illness he developed while traveling to Argentina. This is the first time Castro has turned over power to anyone since taking control of Cuba in 1959.
CBS News sources in Havana have confirmed that Castro is still alive. There is no official confirmation.
The announcement was made at 9:15 Monday night on Cuban Television, monitored in Miami. A spokesperson for the Cuban government made the announcement, which came in the middle of a newscast. There was little advance notice of the special announcement.
The announcement ended with a screen showing Castro’s signature, making the order official. Little information was given about the details of Castro’s illness.
The statement, read by Carlos Balanciaga, said Castro requires several weeks of rest.
Balanciaga also announced that Castro was turning over his functions in the area of health care and education and as head of the national energy program to other Communist party and government figures.
The announcement said that the operation was filmed and that all the medical records including endoscopy, x-rays, and others exist but did not specify if they would be released.
Balanciaga said the Communist Party has to stand firm to defend the revolution threatened by Washington.
Balanciaga said Castro would be out of public life for two months, during which time Raul Castro, designated as his brother’s successor, would have complete control of the country.The announcement was met with shock and surprise in Miami, home of the largest Cuban exile population in the world. Joe Garcia, a director of the Cuban American National Foundation, said he believed the Cuban government is not revealing all it knows about Castro’s illness.
Our news anchors spoke positively about how ironic that our President today, here in Miami, had met and discussed with Cuban Americans with encouragement earlier in the day, in public and in private in regards to Cuba.

News Briefings are starting and many politicians are also rejoicing with our large Cuban communities. Even with all the good news about Fidel Castro, reports are that of course this is good news, but recently Cuba has become stronger with support from Venezuela's Hugo Chevaz, China, and Iran. Raul Castro has been known to be ruthless and head over the military in Cuba, but most Cubans feel he does not have what it takes.

This story is still developing.......All reports are saying that these parties in the streets may go on all night. The Mayors are having live news conferences and are allowing the demonstrations but asking please in an orderly fashion. So far all that are being shown is peaceful. The news is reporting that this may go through the night in the announcements will be made at 7 a.m. and Live News will return at 4 a.m. Level 2 Alert...Officials suggest to find empty lots, parks, sidewalks, etc. please keep the streets clear for emergencies.

Fox Miami-Ft Lauderdale WSVN: Cubans in Miami wait anxiously to hear Castro's condition

MIAMI (AP) -- Cubans exiles took to the streets in anticipation Monday night after news spread that Cuban President Fidel Castro temporarily relinquished power to his brother Raul and underwent surgery for abdominal bleeding.
People waved Cuban flags on Little Havana's Calle Ocho and in nearby Hialeah, shouting "Cuba, Cuba, Cuba," hoping that the end was near for the man most of them consider to be a ruthless dictator.
Videos available at both links- WSVN and WFOR.
Via Breitbart (AP): Castro Relinquishes Power Before Surgery
Via Breitbart (AP) : Castro's Younger Brother More Radical
Via Breitbart (AP) : Cubans in Miami Await News on Castro
Via Breitbart (AP) : Castro's New Health Problem More Serious

*UPDATE* Special Cuba Coverage click here.

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FREEDOM IS AWESOME!!!! I feel blessed to have been born in America. Many of these people were born here but some escaped the dictatorship of Castro on rafts to come to America. My feelings about people that live oppressed by evil dictators are different than about illegals that do not live in a country like Cuba or the way Iraq was.

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Our President in Miami

Yesterday President Bush flew to Miami and was greeted at the airport by his brother, our Florida Governor, Jeb Bush along with other politicians. Last night he startled beachgoers with his motorcade when President Bush dined at the restaurant, Joe’s Stone Crab, on the beach founded in 1913; nearly every President except President Carter has visited since this landmark restaurant opened. President Bush later spent the night at the Four Seasons Hotel, and the surrounding area was on lockdown for obvious security purposes.

This morning, bright and early, President Bush had a schedule breakfast meeting, in a few minutes President Bush will speak at the Port of Miami.

Don’t forget today, on Your World w/Neil Cavuto (FNC) has an exclusive interview with President Bush at 4 p.m. (est).

Via Miami Herald for more on this story.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Iranian owned Hezbollah and Their Tactics

On a Sunday morning, when you want to publish something that is positive and that may make you smile, you wake up to a pivotal change in global feelings turning away from Israel and their right to defend themselves in much of the world and ones sympathizing with TERRORISTS. Lebanon’s government, Hezbollah and the region know the conditions to have a cease fire, it is simple and has been stated from the beginning without being wavered; return the kidnapped soldiers, lay down your arms, and enforce 1559. Instead the Terrorists would rather allow innocent civilians die.

The way I see it, Hezbollah’s plan for using poor innocent civilians, possibly Hezbollah families, as human shields while they launch never-ending rockets into Israel, knowing that in retaliation Israel would return fire, air strikes upon them; obviously, they knew this would stir the pot and cause global outrage. Hezbollah knew, believed to be craftily planned by using this target knowing good and well, that by these sad deaths of women and (some handicapped children) children (roughly 60+ deaths) it would be aired throughout the Arab World for sympathy and support for the terrorist group that they are, placing all the blame on Israel. (How evil Hezbollah is for using such tactics for human shields) Hezbollah keeps promoting they are victorious but at the same time claiming to be victims. It is strange that no young men, soldier age, were found in the rumble of the dead. Think about it! As I write this, a loop of footage of these gruesome deaths of children are being aired, over and over again, for all of that side of the world to see from Al-Jazeera to all the other Islam/Arab stations.

I must note, that this is a common tactic of Hezbollah to go into neighborhoods and fire rockets behind civilians purposely and then move from that location immediately. It is strange that Hezbollah did not report these casualties until almost 7 hours after it supposedly occurred. It is obvious it is horrific to see dead women and children, but they were targeted by the ruthless Hezbollah that does not care about human life or killing themselves as suicide bombers, this set-up was for promoting their cause. Aside from using women and children, woman in these countries are usually looked up as cattle anyway, how sad is that? There are questions now, if Hezbollah did not place those people in that area on purpose and staged this knowing that IDF would fire back at the location where Hezbollah was launching rockets.

Tell me that Hezbollah is not recruiting more hate filled radical Islamics for wanting to kill us all, Jews and Americans, this is working as Iranian owed Hezbollah guerillas’ desires become reality as each day goes by. Hezbollah terrorists were prepared for their television tower to be targeted early on, so they had back-up stations ready to be mobilized throughout secret locations to keep the propaganda transmitting their agenda. Picture: Hezbollah flags are displayed for sale at a market in the center of the West Bank town of Nablus, Saturday, July 29, 2006. (AP Photo/Majdi Mohammed)

This morning on Meet the Press, the U.N. Israeli Amb Gillerman stated that Israel has video tape of rockets being launched from the site, that was bombed this morning in Qana, Lebanon. Moments ago, the video tape was shown on Fox News, but Israel is still confirming that this was the exact location of where the rockets were fired from the apartment building in Qana, where the human shields were killed. The video tape is remarkably evident, that it truly appears the hostile rockets that were launched by Hezbollah (to kill Israelis) were behind a building that looks identical to the one bombed. But, do you really believe that if this tape proves to be true, that it will be aired on the bias television stations supporting Hezbollah?

The meeting for Secy of State, Condi Rice was abruptly cancelled to Lebanon this morning or as some report out of Lebanon, she was uninvited. Now, Rice plans to leave the Mideast, cutting her trip short and meanwhile the U.N. calls an immediate meeting this Sunday morning at 11 a.m., hopefully U.S. Amb John Bolton will blast them with a reminder of who started this; what a frustrating job he has to have to deal with corrupt members of the United Nations. Obviously, the world knows that the U.N. is a waste of time, what other international force will take their place eventually? An organization that can half way be trusted, does any such group exist? Kofi Annan is still voicing his rhetoric.

I am so sick of hearing the word “Resolutions” what good are they when hundreds are never enforced? Paper is all I see with no meaning or intentions, why would rogue nations worry about resolutions against them? How many were against Sadam, fourteen? Iran spews out this morning, they have no intentions on honoring any, the same as N.Korea rejected the last one against them recently. They must say - So what? What are you going to do about it, absolutely NOTHING!!

We have to remember Hezbollah has killed our soldiers in the past and they have been building up for this for years. With over 150 million a year in support from Iran to Hezbollah and Syria allowing themselves to be the bridge between the two and don’t forget the weapons being supplied to them. This was a long patient plan from the start and precise timing around Iran having another diversion from nuclear enrichment, they crossed over the border of Israel, kidnap two soldiers and killing several (8) others. Don’t think for a moment that this has not been in the works for many years to spark a Holy War to gather support against Israel and the U.S. Just imagine if Cuba or in Mexico, a terrorist group(s) crossed our borders and took one of us captive. It is not far-fetched or unimaginable, it could very well be in the planning for the near future with many countries, South America included, lining up with Iran.

Picture: Protesters chanted ""Death to Israel, death to America. We sacrifice our blood and souls for Lebanon."

A mob of demonstrators, in the thousands, stormed the U.N. building in Beirut, going ballistic with hate and outrage. Watch the footage! Of course, if you are taught from being a child to hate, growing up with a mindset to fight and kill infidels while worshiping a fake God, Allah, what else do you know? The lifelong goal/mission is to kill and to eliminate the Jewish people, take over Israel, occupy Jerusalem as well as killing all infidels…that is us folks. Just remember these people have been brainwashed from birth with a deep-rooted hatred towards the Israel and the U.S.

Israel never targets civilians, actually the IDF have dropped leaflets repeatedly warning these Hezbollah strong hold areas in south Lebanon to Get Out. What other country would be so sensitive to offer such warning? Israel has one of the most mightiest military forces in the world, but they are only using a fraction of it in a very cautious way to keep the Lebanon civilian deaths to a minimum, even though Israel is living in terror with wailing air raid sirens going off constantly with rockets from Hezbollah being aimed at the Israeli people. God Be with them, as I know HE is.

Al-Jazeera reporting: Nasrallah vows more strikes
Hezbollah's leader, Hassan Nasrallah, has vowed to rain down more rockets on Israel and said that Condoleezza Rice's visit to the region aimed to "impose conditions that serve Israel".
Via AFP: Iran's Ahmadinejad signals hardening of nuclear stance
Via Reuters: Gunmen storm U.N. compound in Gaza City - witnesses
Via AP: Arab support for Hezbollah growing

GUNS IN THE CLOSET At home in a town in southern Lebanon, a Hezbollah fighter waits to be called to action. chilling By Kevin Sites.

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Via Haaretz: WORLD REACTIONS: U.K. brands Qana deaths 'quite appalling'
Via AU Herald Sun: Photos that damn Hezbollah
Via AP: 34 Youths Among 56 Dead in Israeli Attack
Via AdelaideNow: These are the pictures that damn Hezbollah
Via AP: Rice Postpones Trip to Beirut After Attack
Via Iran Focus: Iran threatens to reject nuclear package if UN takes action

Via Ynetnews: IDF: Qana building fell hours after strike
(VIDEO) IDF continuing to check difficult incident at Qana village, and attempting to account for strange gap between time of the strike on the building – midnight – and eight in the morning, when the building collapsed
VIDEO - An IDF investigation has found that the building in Qana struck by the Air Force fell around eight hours after being hit by the IDF. [read more]
Sources in more links post.

State Dept: Israel Agrees to 48 Hr Airstrike Suspension (with conditions)

Blogs for Condi linked here, thanks Barry
The Truth Laid Bear - Mideast Crisis listed Assorted Babble and this post..... under Most Linked (smiling)

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Assorted Saturday and Open Trackback Day

I hope everyone is staying cool during these extremely hot days of summer. It seems here in the Miami area, we have temps that are lower than many of you throughout the country. Weird huh? So far this morning it is sprinkling with light rain, but the sun pops out after these little showers all the time. Inside the house though, we are use to running the A/C year it is somewhat difficult to feel a difference as many of you are experiencing.

The Finalists of "American Idol" gets a tour from President Bush. In between meetings with British P.M. Tony Blair yesterday, President Bush met with 10 finalists in the Oval Office. Full Story at Breitbart.

Congratulations to all the winners in the Blogs for Summer at Bloggin' Outloud!! That was fun and thanks again for the nominations and votes to make Assorted Babble a Finalist.

Lost in Lima, Ohio-Lilo for short has started new awards: Award Categories include Angry Woman Awards (women that rant-smiling), Funny Woman Awards, Nice Woman Awards, and Moody Woman Awards. So rush over, nominate, and help kick off this contest at Lilo's blog.

Via AP: House overwhelmingly backs Israel in vote
The resolution, which was passed on a 410-8 vote, also condemns enemies of the Jewish state.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Afoula, Israel Rockets hit South of Haifa

It is not yet confirmed, but Hezbollah may have used 5 rockets or missiles with a range of approx. 50 miles hitting Afoula, Israel.

Via Fox News: Israeli Warplanes Pound Hezbollah Targets in Lebanon
JERUSALEM — Israeli warplanes carried out a series of bombing raids overnight Friday, hitting dozens of targets in Lebanon, including a Hezbollah base where long-range rockets were stored and several communication facilities, the military said.

Hezbollah's Al-Manar television reported Friday that guerrillas fired a new rocket, called Khaibar-1, striking near the Israeli town of Afoula, south of Haifa. Israeli authorities reported that five rockets hit fields outside Afula, 30 miles from the border, but no casualties were reported.

Via Ynetnews: Fajr-5 missiles fired at Israel
Escalation: Police report that Hizbullah fired five Fajr-5 missiles, 'never before seen in Israel,' at Afula Friday afternoon. Sources say missiles may have been aimed at Hadera, Netanya. Massive rocket barrages fired by Hizbullah at Israel's north Friday afternoon

Other News on the Mideast Crisis:
12:30 p.m. (est) President Bush and British P.M. Tony Blair - scheduled News Conference.

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Isn’t Stalking Against the Law?

As we, all know Moonbat Cindy Sheehan is obsessed with President Bush and television cameras. Now she wants to live next to someone she calls a terrorist! I thought there were laws in place against stalking even though we have watched her follow our President to Vienna, and other places he has traveled to. Now she is buying property in his home area of Crawford, TX.? Yep, the peace momma is using her son’s insurance money to buy 5 acres.

When I read this yesterday, all I could do was shake my head and think this nut needs to be facilitated immediately for psychiatric care. As I wrote on June 21st , I am out of disgusting words to describe this desperate sick woman. She loves television cameras number one, holding banners/signs that say President Bush is “World’s #1 Terrorist” along with “Islam is not the enemy”. I am going to reiterate here and say it is time for the straight-jacket, you think? Why in the world would she want to have a place in Crawford, Texas? Since she has kissed up to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and other enemies of the U.S. perhaps, there are plans in the making, that we haven’t heard yet.

Via Breitbart-AP reports: Cindy Sheehan Buys Property in Crawford
Excerpt: "We decided to buy property in Crawford to use until George's resignation or impeachment, which we all hope is soon for the sake of the world," Sheehan said in a newsletter set to be sent to supporters Thursday. "I can't think of a better way to use Casey's insurance money than for peace, and I am sure that Casey approves."
Her anti-war gathering in Crawford is scheduled for Aug. 16 through Sept. 2. But Bush is scheduled to be at his ranch mainly during the first two weeks of August.

Be sure to check out FullosseousFlap's Dental Blog, he always has the best posts with great pictures. Click here for Cindy Sheehan Watch.

Read Waco Tribune for Cindy's She-nanigans..... on how Sheehan used a third party for the purchase.

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Thursday, July 27, 2006

A Huge VICTORY for the Children-The Child Safety Act

U.S. White House Fact Sheet:
Today, President Bush Signed The Adam Walsh Child Protection And Safety Act Of 2006. This law marks an important step forward in our Nation's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves. It will strengthen Federal laws to protect our children from sexual and other violent crimes, prevent child pornography, and make the Internet safer for our sons and daughters.
The White House - President Bush's Press Release and transcript.

In Washington, D.C. today, President Bush signed a long awaited bill to be a new law, in the rose garden. The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006.

Via Fox News: Bush Signs Bill to Keep Tabs on Convicted Child Molesters
WASHINGTON — President Bush, joined by "America's Most Wanted" host John Walsh, signed a new law Thursday that requires convicted child molesters to be listed on a national Internet database and face a felony charge for failing to update their whereabouts.
"Our nation grieves with every family that's suffered the unbearable pain of a child whose been abducted or abused," Bush said in a bill-signing ceremony in the Rose Garden. "This law takes an important step forward in this country's efforts to protect those who cannot protect themselves."

As I watched the ceremony today, tears of happiness rolled down my cheeks. There are several of us bloggers that joined in on this fight the last year....and it has been a long road, but nothing compared to the victims' families and friends. This day is a day to rejoice, because from now on with these extremely tough, stern laws, these creeps will hopefully think twice before committing crimes against children.

Twenty-five years to the day, John Walsh and his wife had their precious son, Adam taken from them by abduction then thereafter murdered. There are two ways to look at this victory for how long it took to get this bill signed into law. Twenty-five years the Walshs' have been fighting for tougher laws or two years that it has taken to pass the Senate. So many people have supported this bill from both aisles, with some strong arm twisting of Senator Ted Kennedy finally.....I mean finally it was passed and SIGNED into LAW. (tons of information on this in my archives) This past year, many of us have encouraged our readers to write, call, and continue to send messages to Capital Hill to pass tougher laws to protect our children including the Jessica Lunsford Law.

This is a huge victory for our most vulnerable, our nation's innocent children, that depend on adults to protect them. Now, thanks to all involved, this tough new law, signed by our President will help protect our children from sex offenders. Hooray for the Children!!!

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A Previous Post: (one of many)
03/02/06 Take Action America-HR4472 Child Safety Act of 2005

Chavez in Russia then off to Iran

Yesterday I posted about Venezuela's Hugo Chavez's plans to buy weapons from Russia and then off to visit his idol, Iranian's Prez. Well, Chavez is smiling right now with Putin over arms sales totaling 3 Billion dollars spite the U.S. officials hoping to influence Putin against this weapon sale involving the arms blockade.

Via Reuters: Russia's arms sales to Venezuela may total $3 billion
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez may sign arms deals worth $3 billion when he meets Vladimir Putin on Thursday at the end of his visit to Russia.

Chavez, a vociferous critic of Washington, has praised Russia for defying a U.S. arms blockade and had been expected to spend $1 billion on fighter aircraft for oil-rich Venezuela.

"The biggest threat which exists in the world is the empire of the United States," Chavez said while unveiling a bust of 19th century South American liberation hero Simon Bolivar at a Moscow library.

"It is a senseless, blind, stupid giant which doesn't understand the world, doesn't understand human rights, doesn't understand anything about humanity, culture and consciousness."

On top of an expected deal to buy at least 24 Russian Sukhoi-30 jets to replace Venezuela's U.S. F-16s, Chavez will buy helicopters, surface-to-air missiles and possibly even a submarine, Vedomosti said, citing Russian defense sources.

The Vedomosti business daily, quoting Sergei Chemezov, head of Russian state arms trader Rosoboronexport, reported that Venezuela, the world's No.5 oil exporter, would sign deals worth $3 billion.
[read more]
Washington has banned U.S. arms manufacturers from selling to Chavez. The United States says the populist leader, who proclaims socialist ideals to unite South America against U.S. influence, is destabilizing the region.

U.S. officials said they hoped to talk Russia out of the arms deals. Senior Kremlin officials say they see no reason to take advice from the United States.

Another excerpt:
Chavez is on a world tour that has included meetings with U.S. foes such as Fidel Castro and Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko. He will also visit Iran.
Via Moscow News: Russia Backs Venezuela’s Bid for UN Seat, Ready to Invest Billions — Putin

Previous Post on Putin and Ahmadinejah chat.

Via Moscow News: Putin Discusses Middle East Crisis With Iranian President Ahmadinejad

Excerpt from previous post:
I find it strange (not really though) that RUSSIA is eager to go into this FREE ZONE!!! Think about it!! Tidbit: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez immediate plans are to visit Russia for arms deal and then will visit Iran. Pictured below in previous post "Beware of the World around You" of Chavez with Cuba's Castro.

Excerpt from Joel C. Rosenberg's post PUTIN TO SIGN $1 BILLION ARMS DEAL WITH U.S. ENEMY: Turkey may send troops to Lebanon
FIRST: Russian leader Vladimir Putin continues systematically to build an anti-American coalition. First it was a $1 billion arms deal with Iran last fall. Then missile sales to Syria. Then arms sales to Hamas. And now a $1 billion arms sales to Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez, a man itching for a confrontation with the U.S.
Also read about Joel's interview with CNN about the End Times.

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We knew Al Qaeda would Emerge for the Camera

Been waiting for this any day now..... Ayman al Zawahiri shows his mug on Al-Jazeera!!
We discussed a couple weeks ago, that with such large egos of these terrorists groups, that surely we would hear from Al-Qaeda...well, they have reared their ugly heads again with lip service. Just recently I learned that Al-Qaeda(sunni) and Hezbollah (shites) actually hate one another, but this may be a turn of events for the purpose of spreading propaganda to kill Americans and Jews.

Via Reuters: Qaeda's Zawahri warns over Mideast fighting
DUBAI (Reuters) - Al Qaeda's deputy leader Ayman al Zawahri warned his group would not stand by and watch Israel bombard Lebanon and the Palestinians, calling on Muslims in a video aired on Thursday to fight attacks on their countries.

Zawahri, in the tape aired by Al Jazeera television, did not say how al Qaeda would respond to the fighting.

"How can we remain silent while watching bombs raining on our people," he asked. "Oh Muslims everywhere, I call on you to fight and become martyrs in the war against the Zionists and the Crusaders," Zawahri said in the statement which was entitled "The Zionist-crusader war on Lebanon and the Palestinians".

Zawahiri Threatens Al Qaeda Reprisals for Israel-Hezbollah Conflict reported by Fox News.
BEIRUT, Lebanon — Al-Qaeda's no. 2 leader on Thursday warned that the terrorist group would not stand idly by while "these (Israeli) shells burn our brothers" in Lebanon and Gaza.
An excerpt:
Al-Zawahiri wore a gray robe and white turban. A picture of the burning World Trade Center was on the wall behind him along with pictures of two other militants.

Via AP: Al-Qaida Calls for Holy War Against Israel
CAIRO, Egypt (AP) - Al-Qaida's No. 2 leader issued a worldwide call in a new videotape released Thursday for Muslims to rise up in a holy war against Israel and join the fighting in Lebanon and Gaza until Islam reigns from "Spain to Iraq."
In the message broadcast by Al-Jazeera television, Ayman al-Zawahri, second in command to Osama bin Laden, said that al-Qaida now views "all the world as a battlefield open in front of us." [read more]

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CNN Interviewing about The End Days

Joel Rosenberg (also on sidebar) was interviewed Wednesday by CNN. Transcript at Joel's site of "Apocalypse Now?" . Be sure to visit and read his post.

Media Matters posted CNN or CBN? Phillips asks apocalypse authors: "[A]re we living in the last days?"
Summary: With Kyra Phillips's discussion of the Apocalypse and the Middle East conflict with Christian authors Jerry Jenkins and Joel C. Rosenberg -- who share the view that the Rapture is nigh -- CNN has, for the second time in three days, featured a segment on the potential coming of the Apocalypse, as indicated by current conflicts in the Middle East.
Yesterday The Dumb Ox linked to me with Dumb Ox News: Miracle Psalm Omen? Be sure to read his post!! Very interesting....
An Excerpt from Joel Rosenberg site from CNN interview:
KYRA PHILLIPS, CNN: So dig this. A man was bulldozing a bog in central Ireland the other day when he noticed something unusual in the freshly turned soil. It turns out he'd unearthed an early medieval treasure, an ancient Book of Psalms that experts date to the years 800 to 1000. Experts say it will take years to document and preserve this book, but eventually it will go on public display. Now here's the kicker: the book -- about 20 pages of Latin script -- was allegedly found opened to Psalm 83. Now, if you're a scholar, as you know [in] Psalm 83 God hears complaints that other nations plotting to wipe out the name of Israel.
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Hot Air Actually, it was opened to Psalm 83, it’s just that the psalms were numbered differently 1200 years ago:

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Apparently Kofi is Deliberately Prejudice and Corrupt

Are we actually surprised that Kofi Annan, U.N. Secretary General, would make such an outragous statement about Israel?
Via jpost: Annan: IAF hit 'apparently deliberate' - UN: Precision missiles hit UNTSO post..

The IDF spokesman told The Jerusalem Post that the army was looking into the allegations and that it deeply regretted the "tragic death" of the UN personnel.

It was very unfortunate and sad that 4 (four) U.N. observers/peace keepers died yesterday accidently, but there is no way that any soldier did this deliberately. Kofi Annan's comment only inflames the conflict and enables the terrorists. This bunch has been exposed repeatedly and can not be trusted. Just look at the one example out of thousands of documents of facts and proof.

Watch the MONEY....Cash to Lebanon!! Of course all decent people want to help the innocent, but as discussed yesterday by several financial experts, will this cash flow go to Hezbollah?

Via CNSNEWS: Kofi Annan Could Have Ordered Peacekeepers to Leave
Haifa, Israel ( - The four United Nations peacekeepers killed in an Israeli attack on their outpost were required to stay at that post "until they were ordered by the [U.N.] secretary general to withdraw," said a member of the United Nations Truce Supervision Organization on Wednesday.

But the peacekeepers apparently never received such an order, despite the fierce cross-border fighting that erupted in southern Lebanon two weeks ago.

Why were they there? To spy for or assist Hezbollah? Many unanswered questions....If they were observers for the border for many years, don't you think that the U.N. knew that Hezbollah was building up for an attack on Israel? Do you build underground tunnels and bunkers along the border without notice if observers were doing their job? Humm just so many questions....Not to mention moving in weapons...

Morning Coffee linked with UNIFIL helping Hizbollah??
-Everyone has heard about the tragic accident of IDF Forces hitting a UNIFIL outpost killing 2 of the UN force. And we all know about Kofi Anan making his remarks that Israel deliberately targeted the UN Troops.But not many know that UNIFIL has been actively involved in repairing roads for Hizbollah.

Be sure to read the informative post by The Belmont Club.
Little Green Footballs reports UN Repairing Roads for Hizballah
Ninth State linked with Jumping to Conclusions…Without a Mat! and Planck's constant trackbacked with WWIII

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God is on Israel's Side

Without a single doubt in my mind, God is on Israel's side. I speak of the only God, our creator, our Lord in heaven...... not some fake illusion of Allah. My prayers are with the country of Israel, their people and soldiers as they fight these evil terrorists that wish to wipe them off the map. It is not going to happen!!

As we watch this unfold, Israel will prevail. The fighting continues....
Via Breitbart-AP reports: Israel Wants to Set Hezbollah-Free Zone
Israel wants to establish a strip of little more than a mile wide in south Lebanon that will be free of Hezbollah guerrillas, Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said Wednesday _ giving the dimensions of Israel's new "security zone" for the first time.

Olmert outlined the plans in a closed-door meeting of parliament's Defense and Foreign Affairs Committee, according to participants who later briefed reporters.

I find it strange (not really though) that RUSSIA is eager to go into this FREE ZONE!!! Think about it!! Tidbit: Venezuela's Hugo Chavez immediate plans are to visit Russia for arms deal and then will visit Iran. Pictured below in previous post....Chavez with Cuba's Castro.

Today is the most deadly day so far.....David Lee Miller reporting for Fox News on the Israeli border.

Via Breitbart-AP reports: 14 Israeli Troops Killed by Hezbollah
Hezbollah inflicted heavy casualties on Israeli troops as they battled for a key hilltop town in southern Lebanon for a fourth day Wednesday, with as many as 14 soldiers reported killed.

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Putin and Iranian's Prez Ahmadinejah Discuss Opinions

Surely this is not the first nor will be the last conversation between buddies- Russia and Iran!!

Via Reuters: Putin and Ahmadinejad discuss Mideast crises
MOSCOW (Reuters) - Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad discussed the Israeli offensive in Lebanon and Iran's nuclear program with Russian President Vladimir Putin, the Kremlin said on Wednesday.
An Excerpt:
The telephone exchange took place at Ahmadinejad's request.
Ahmadinejad said on Tuesday during a visit to Tajikistan that the conflict between Lebanon and Israel could sweep through the entire Middle East like a hurricane.

Madman AhMADinejah has been sending letters, he has been busy! One letter went to Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel reported also at Hot Air and prior to that a letter to the Vatican. If not mistaken, there was another letter sent to another country's leader...will have to follow-up with that information. Basically, it is embrace Islam or die sums up the letters.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Our Nation is Divided and that is Unfortunate

According to reports out of Israel that I have heard, the nation is united like 95% supporting their country and soldiers. Several nights now, I have truly given thought to Bill O’Reilly’s talking points about our nation being divided and the Global War on Terror.

On July 19th this is a quote from one of the talking points.

You have three camps in this country: The "Blow the Hell Out of Them" camp, the "It's All America's Fault" camp and the "I Don't Want to Hear About It" camp.
That to me pretty much sums it up on where people in America stand. Last night on 25th Bill O’Reilly put a reality to the bigger picture with Who's Winning World War III?

I'm very sorry to have to say it. But, just like Germany and Japan, were ahead in the early stages of World War II, the terrorists are winning in the early stages of World War III. That's because some people continue to deny such a war even exists.
It simply amazes me that Americans can get so worked up over John Kerry's Vietnam War posture, when the real issue is how the Senator and President Bush will deal with World War III. The economy's important but nothing compared to the danger that Islamic fascists pose to all of us.
Now some other pundits are in agreement with me. And how could you disagree? From Somalia to Indonesia to India to Sweden to Canada, Islamic fascists are on the attack. The violence in Israel is just another campaign in the worldwide jihad.
But here in the USA and around the world, we are not united against that jihad. The far-left media refuses to confront the truth, preferring to blame America for all the trouble. Just today, radical left New York Times columnist Bob Herbert blamed the current Middle East violence on President Bush.
Overseas, there is actual sympathy for the terrorists. In Belgium, demonstrators this weekend called for the "Israeli aggression to stop." In the United Kingdom, anti-Israel protests were held in 11 cities. The Muslim Association of Britain organized some of these demonstrations. In London thousands of pro-Hezbollah people gathered in Hyde Park. In France and in Iran, the picture was similar. Thousands of folks protesting against Israel.
Then back here at home.....

Back in the USA, most people are condemning the Hezbollah attacks and backing Israel, but certainly not all. The bottom line is that the world is not united against terrorism and because of that the terrorists are winning. The American left is united in opposing every anti-terror action the Bush administration has taken. And the media day after day pounds home, not the danger that Islamic fascism poses to us, but the danger the Bush administration poses. Again, no way terrorism can be defeated with that kind of division.
So like Hitler and Tojo, the terrorists have gotten off to a fast start in this World War. And unless the world wises up, the terror killers will achieve even more victories. Believe me, the Iranian leadership believes it's winning, as does Bin Laden.
The world is once again blind to real danger. And unless the world wises up, more mass murder is inevitable.
I know that this post is lengthy, but why do some not get it? These terrorists' goal is to kill us, no if or buts about it. They are here in the U.S. and throughout the world....sitting patiently to attack. In the near future I plan to write a post on what if we were having to run to a bomb shelter with sirens going off repeatedly? Do you not think that this could be a reality in the U.S.? Well, perhaps you should think again. If our power structure goes down by suitcase bombs or other methods of crippling our country, you had better be may be closer than you may think. Watch a video of a be-heading if you do not believe how evil these terrorists are.

Be sure to watch Neil Cavuto with Your World (on Fox News) today discuss Venezuela's Chavez visit planned for Iran. Check out my recent post Beware of the World around You and see how these madmen are surrounding us and joining forces with Iran.

Just a note: I have been wondering why liberal trolls have been lurking on this site, Bill O'Reilly explained that with one of the previous talking points.

There are some Americans who see Israel as a villain, just as there are some who believe the USA has brought the War on Terror on itself. That kind of thinking is important to understand so it can be defeated in debate.
As we mentioned, the committed left-wing newspapers in America have been largely silent about the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict, largely for economic reasons. Many American Jews are liberal. Many of them love The New York Times, for example. The Times cannot afford to alienate its liberal base.
"Liberal Base".....that is the key words....they are being unusually silent on Bashing Bush so they are on the troll for anything they can attack with a little post here and there that exposes the left.

Check out how Hot Air points out CNN admitting to Airing Hezbollah Propaganda. CNN should be exposed just like the NY Times and walk the line with their viewers; neither one can afford to lose what few they have left.

Voting has Started for the Blogs of Summer

Blogs of Summer by Bloggin'Outloud

Bloggin'Outloud is hosting Blogs of Summer!! Lyn wrote me with a sweet note informing me that Assorted Babble was a Finalist in the Category of Milblogs and Military Support. WOW!!! I want to thank the ones that nominated me, Lyn said there were more than one that did.

Thank You...Big Time. (smiling) Not only was I surprised when Little Miss Chatterbox wrote me and then today she posted on the Voting with instructions and links. Congrats to The Chatterbox Chronicles and Little Orange Fox-Outlaw Republican for being finalists in the Political Blog Category.

I truly appreciate and want to thank other blogger friends that have written and said they voted for me. You guys are great!! Voting is going on now, (June 24-27th) and I would very much appreciate my friends, fellow bloggers, and readers to click over and read about each Category...and vote for me if you would like to. Please visit all the other blogs listed too.....they are great sites..... that have a great deal of hard work put into each of their posts.

FINALISTS for Political Blogs:
To Vote for The Chatterbox Chronicles or Little Orange Fox-Outlaw Republican please click here and vote in left side bar.

FINALIST for Milblogs and Military Support
To vote for me, Assorted Babble please click here at Able Baker Charlie Delta. (left side bar) I'm in 4th place right now with 3 votes and the leader is at 14, so if you have the time....please visit and vote. I believe you can cast one vote per day.

This is really fun and you guys are awesome!!! I will leave you with a handsome picture that my daughter and I found for her class project of her wanting to feature good stories from Iraq.

My family and I know most all of you....pray, love and support our troops. May God be with them. Pictured above our U.S. Troops in Iraq.

A very touching post by Euphoric Reality - A Marine’s Letter to His Senator. I recommend all to go visit and read it.

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Monday, July 24, 2006

Rice Detours Mideast Trip First Stop Lebanon

Secy of State Rice Detours Mideast Trip. She landed in Cyprus flies by helicopter to Beirut, Lebanon to speak with Lebanese P.M. at Embassy.

Condoleezza Rice makes unannounced visit to Beirut!!
Via Fox News: Condoleezza Rice Makes Surprise Trip to Beirut

Via AP: Rice Meets With Lebanon PM in Beirut
BEIRUT, Lebanon (AP) -- Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice made an unannounced visit to Beirut on Monday in a show of support for that country's weakened democracy, which is struggling to contain the fighting between the Hezbollah militia and Israel. [read more]

Waiting now for a speech from Secretary of State Dr. Rice in Lebanon.

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Kerry must be sharing drugs with Pat Kennedy

Kerry on Mideast conflct: 'If I was president, this wouldn't have happened'... Via Drudge Report.

If I was president, this wouldn't have happened," said Kerry during a noon stop at Honest John's bar and grill in Detroit's Cass Corridor. Via Detroit News

(Why not the Hawk and Dove?)....Oooops....Honest John's Bar and Grill.....Hummm
Hat Tip: Photo from (thanks for the morning laugh)

Iowa Voice linked with.... I couldn't help but get the irony of his saying this at a place called "Honest John's". Uhm....yeah. Anyway, Herman would have us believe that if he were President, he'd have this entire thing under control: [read more at Kerry Says Mideast Conflict Wouldn't Have Happened If He Were President ] Hahaha!!!

Go check out the post and picture(hilarious) at Point Five Blog

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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Beware of the World around You

The little man has been busy gathering allies. Beware of what surrounds you!!! Iranian's President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad desires to control the Middle East and funds terrorists, but he is also being supported and lining up allies for the Holy War (Jihad). Take a look at the Middle East, Russia, China, S.E.Asia, Indonesia, North Korea, and in our backyard South America.

Former KGB Russian Pres Putin a Terrorist?
I have way too many links of the connections between Iran and Russia to list, it is like a rap sheet that is longer than your arm.

Iran and Syria

Jan 22 More News on Iran - Excerpts:
1) Tehran, Iran, Jan. 21 –Iran defended Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad on Friday in the United Nations probe into the murder of former Lebanese Prime Minster Rafiq Hariri.

2) Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Jan. 21 – Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told European nations on Friday to open their doors to the Jews of Israel, so that Israel could be removed from the map of the Middle East.

3) Iran Focus: Tehran, Iran, Jan. 21 – Hard-line Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad told senior leaders of a radical Palestinian group in Damascus on Friday that the Middle East conflict has become “the locus of the final war” between Muslims and the West, Iran’s official news agency, IRNA, reported.

May 17, 2006 Iran to 'Expands Ties' with Lebanon

February 20, 2006 A Thousand Yards Away Hamas-Iran

What is the old saying a picture is worth a thousand words? The United Nations have members that have been convicted and are still under investigation for the "Oil for Food" horror. The corrupt is so deep that waders would not get you through the deep crap that surrounds this useless organization that needs to be booted out of New York. Why we waste our breath speaking with these traitors are beyond me.

North Korea: April 27, 2006 Missiles-Connections Iran and N. Korea
Updated: Via jpost: North Korea and Iran
U.S.: Iranians witnessed N. Korea missile tests reported by MSNBC

Iranian President visits Malaysia
March 1, 2006

Iranian president accorded red carpet welcome in Kuala Lumpur, March 2

Bolivia, Venezuela and Cuba (South America)

Via SF Chronicles: Chavez forging his own links
Venezuelan president makes arms deal with Russia, strengthening his agenda to counterbalance U.S. influence
Via The Washington Post excerpt:Chavez, Morales and Castro are expected to lead a rally by university students and political activists after the Mercosur summit ends on Friday.

BBC News: Some opposition politicians and media have criticised Mr Castro's visit and the oil deal, saying it could further damage relations with the US, Venezuela's main oil customer.

Will have to add the links and dates of Iran visiting South American countries. It is about Islam and are you on board against the U.S. or not.

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Passionate America linked to this post with Taking sides for World War 3 and I truly appreciate it, thanks Wild Bill.

Quote: "Still think this is not World War 3? Suzie from Assorted Babble has an eye opening post, "Beware of the World around You."

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