Thursday, November 17, 2005

Since Baghdad Went Down

The Fall of Baghdad sent shockwaves throughout the region. But, it is the ripple effects that are still being felt today. Yesterday's (11/15/05) election in Egypt was just one of the ripple effects from the Fall of Baghdad. Here is a partial list the other democratic and human rights ripple effects felt in the region from just this last year: Full story and links

* Successful elections twice in Iraq
* Successful elections twice in Afghanistan
* Violence free (for the most part) change of government in Lebanon
* Democratic Elections in Palestine
* Pardons for jailed democracy reformists in Saudi Arabia
* Women rights guarantees in Kuwait
* Movement in Egypt towards reform
* Reform in Libya
* Historic talks between Israel and Pakistan
* Israel pullout from Gaza
* Massive Protests against Al Qaida in Morocco
* Protests against Al Qaida in Jordan
* Saudi Arabia lifts economic boycott on Israel
* Saudi Arabia open to talks on allowing women to drive
* Women are no longer publicly stoned in Afghanistan
* Women hold more than the allotted 25% of the seats of parliament in Afghanistan.

I read a post yesterday about life is short and they were going to post what the heck they wanted to. I have taken that same attitude lately, if you don’t like it move on or scroll down. Of course my postings are assorted and everyone is welcome. It does not offend me if someone disagrees - as long as they are nice about. (smiling)
This partial list was important to me for my short memory and the progress for women in the Middle East. I believe in freedom for all.

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